SEO Link Building Tools To Boost Your Google Rankings


SEO Link Building Tools To Boost Your Google Rankings

Every website owner is on the hunt to earn maximum visibility across the existing search engines. They jot down keywords, curate marketing strategies, compile quality content and exert their utmost best to have the highest SERPs but keeping up with the competition requires patience and a lot of analysis. Your competitors are likely to follow the same strategies as you. So how does that make you any different from them?

While the right selection of keywords is necessary, there are still many intricacies and technical bits of SEO that need to be shed light upon, especially link building. A proper and streamlined channel of backlinks has the potential to either break or build your website’s authority and presence on Google.

But how do you extract quality backlinks? Well, you no longer have to do anything from scratch. All you require is a high speed internet connection and credible SEO link building tools to level up your SEO game and secure a visible spot on Google.

#1 TOP SEO Link Building Tools To Boost Your Google Rankings

#1 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a noteworthy SEO tool that allows you to utilize multiple link building options at once. The tool itself is equipped with an extensive database of existing backlinks. So, you can easily explore backlinks and referrals to your website in a dedicated dashboard. Filtering unwanted links is quite easy as you can know what links to specifically target. It is also not time-consuming to understand back-linking potential your website has and the process of analyzing competitor links to improve your SERPs further. Ahrefs is not a free tool but it does come with a 7-day trial for those who want to test it out before making a purchase.

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#2 Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is probably the go-to tool of every SEO specialist and marketer out there. One can never proceed with their SEO endeavors without leveraging this tool. Moz Link Explorer is user-friendly as you do not have to go through extensive manuals to understand how each module works. The tool even lets you search for backlink sources and websites your competitors are using as well as who is currently linking to your website. You will also face no hassles in forming a dedicated link building strategy for your website. Moreover, if you find any links that either have been deleted or damaged, the tool even extracts such links out.

#3 Mailshake

Quality content without a proper strategy is futile. Content promotion mediums are aplenty yet even then; email will still never go out of trend. Mailshake is a software that does not only cover your email campaign needs but also assists you with sending out emails for link building, content outreaching and collaborating with potential clients. You can create a template from scratch or you can go scroll through the email templates Mailshake has and personalize one according to your campaign. Your time is saved and your email campaign renders only benefits for your business with its timely releases. All it takes is to spend $29 per month and you can seamlessly carry on with your link building endeavors.

#4 Majestic SEO

The word Majestic fits the tool well since it has one of the most detailed databases for links and indexing. Due to which, the tool can be used to build links faultlessly. All you have to do is insert a website link, suppose your competitor’s website, and conduct a thorough search using Majestic SEO. The tool will then display to you the external backlinks, domains, referrals, keywords used, and the complete backlink history all through a simple search query performed in a few seconds. Each link can then be accessed to view additional information about the linking sources and websites. Once you have viewed each backlink history, Majestic SEO will show the option to download a complete report of the competitor backlink analysis performed. You can then utilize the report for your backlink strategy as you deem fit.

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#5 Hubspot

Hubspot offers a full suite of marketing tools with the link building tool being one such integral SEO inclusion the company has to offer. Hubspot’s tool lets you assess and analyze how effective the current back linking strategy of your website is. If it needs improvements, the tool will then guide you on how to make the changes needed. All you require is a Hubspot account to carry on with your link generation endeavors. Once you have that, you can view the current website metrics and performance of the existing links so far. That way assessing and finding referral traffic as well as website domain names, which are directly linking to your website, can be easily jotted down.

#6 Raven SEO Tools

The entire Raven marketing collection comprises of several useful tools for SEO purposes but the most useful one is the Link Management option, which is also the main reason for the tool’s popularity. No content creator should randomly create heaps of content without any clear purpose or planning. Quality should always be paid heed to. Raven SEO Tools has put forward the deep correlation of quality content creation and its counterpart, link building. Using the tool, you are able to find websites owning high quality content and the links, URLs and every relevant data that will be useful for your strategies.

#7 Screaming Frog

Another popular link building tool amongst SEO experts is Screaming Frog. The one element this tool is mostly known for is its ability to thoroughly understand and analyze each aspect of your website’s back linking journey. And in turn, creating a website-specific report. That’s not the only feature Screaming Frog provides. It lets you intricately observe multiple factors that determine your website’s current SERPs along with what further improvements are possible in your back linking strategy. The tool comes with both free and paid options but the paid version is equipped with a wide range of features. It is priced at $149 per year and follows a yearly subscription model.


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