Not everyone is lucky enough to study at a top university, as it is an expensive choice. Have you exhausted all your savings and wondering if your dream of studying in a top class university will remain a dream? Cheer up then, you can always apply for scholarships that are a form of gift which need not be repaid. There are thousands of ways you can avail scholarships like through any school, individual, your employer, any private company, communities, social organizations, non-profit organizations and professionals. If you are not sure how to go about the entire process, where to start from and how to apply for the same, then here is a guide that will show you the different steps involved in applying for a scholarship and being successful.

Different types of Scholarship

If you do some basic research, you will find that there are many types of scholarships. There is a type that is meant only for the college and is merit-based. You can earn them by meeting the standards set by the college authorities. These are usually based on academic achievement or on some special talent or interest. Generally, many scholarships are targeted at a particular group of people like for women or graduate students. Some are available to you because you or your parents work in that particular organization or you come from a certain background like for example, military families. A scholarship can at times cover the entire cost of your tuition fee or it can also be a one-time award of a few hundred dollars. Whatever be it, it’s worth applying for, as it reduces the burden of the cost of your education.

The Basics of Applying

Most of the top universities have scholarships programs for students for which you can apply. Mentioned below are few of the steps you should follow to apply for such programs:

  • Do sufficient research work – For more number of options, you should start your research early. Practically a lot of time is required in requesting for information, filling up the application form and submitting it by the end date. So, always keep sufficient time in hand to do the research so that you don’t miss out the best opportunity.
  • Check the eligibility criteria – This is one of the most important steps. Careful research helps you find this and accordingly apply for the ones that are appropriate for you. Spending time on an application of a scholarship program for which you don’t even meet the criteria is mere foolishness.
  • Be organized – When it comes to applying for any scholarship program it pays to be organized. Firstly, you should keep all your scholarship material in a particular folder. This aids you in staying up-to-date with all the related information and keeping track of the deadlines for each program that you are planning to apply.
  • Gather all the required information – Double check that you have collected all the required information that the selection panel has requested in the process of application. If any single information is missing then your application might even get rejected.
  • Pay attention to the presentation – Applying for a scholarship program is nothing less than a job application. So, be extra careful while filling up the application form and avoid any kind of silly mistakes be it spelling or handwriting.
  • Always provide correct information – Along with providing all the required information you should also pay attention that you are providing every bit of information correctly. This avoids any unnecessary delays and portrays a professional image.
  • Provide references or referees – In some of the cases, you may need to provide names of references or referees so be careful in choosing the names. Also, make sure that you intimate the person that you have applied for such a scholarship program. This keeps them mentally prepared to praise you in the most effective way.
  • Never miss the deadline – Always keep some days in hand before you apply for the scholarship. This grace period helps you in many ways like if you want to get the application professionally printed or if confirmation is awaited from any of your referee. Remember one thing, applications sent after the last date, are not accepted.


Since the competition is really tough, as per the general rule no application would be accepted after the last date of form submission. So, when you go through the details, be very careful in noting down the last date of application or else your entire effort will be wasted. The name of the winner would be announced on 31 st March 2019. An award check would be sent to the winner. So, don’t forget to send your physical mailing address along with the application. If you miss that out, we would not be able to send you the award check. So, please check our website today, follow all the application criteria and don’t miss this golden opportunity.