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Outdoor Speaker

Many kinds of outdoors activities can become more pleasant with listening to good music. You can invite your friends for a BBQ in your back yard. You can go for a camping trip, and have a party on a beach – in every case; water speakers can make your time better. A portable waterproof speaker can also save your luck in some accidents, like occasional dip or water, spilled on the speaker. You can go for a ride on your favorite bike, and don’t be afraid that rain catches you on your way.

Want to know more about choosing the right water speaker that fits all your needs? Stay with us and find what details to consider.

Choose Wisely

Like any gadget, water speakers have a specific list of features to pay attention to. At first, you need to pick the usual location for your device. Depending on where and when you want to take it, choose the features that are more suitable for you.

  1. Design and customers’ reviews. We advise not to rush and check some reports, which can help you to choose the right device precisely for your requirements. It is always helpful to read reviews, no matter what you are looking for – from the best dancing water speaker to the best alkaline water pitcher for home.
  2. A power source (disposable or rechargeable batteries). 
  3. Wattage.
  4. Connectivity is a type of connection of your speaker to your sound system. Most types of speakers have standard 3,5mm input to connect to your phone, tablet, computer, or any other sound system. Some water speakers can use Bluetooth and be connected to any device with this option.
  5. Price. Most water speakers cost less than $100. Depending on the area of use, you can choose a cheap model to place near the pool, or chose a great one to set a quality sound system at the beach party.

#1 Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

There are many different kinds of water speakers, but there is one main point you need to consider before choosing. Waterproof and water-resistant are not the same.

Completely waterproof speakers can be put in the water. As a rule, they are encased in plastic so they can stand some time underwater. Such speakers have a water depth rating, which shows the depth and the time allowed.

Water-resistant speakers are resistant to splashes, but cannot be dipped in the water. This kind of portable speaker is suitable for placing near the pool, at the beach, or in your backyard. In case of rain or accidental water splash, you can be sure that your gadget is safe.

#2 Audio Fountains – the New Era of Relax

Talking about water and sound, it is hard not to mention the completely new outstanding type of water speakers. Sometimes you need not only high-quality music to relax after a hard day. Soft visual effects can also take good care of you, calming you down and giving you lots of pleasure with their shape and colors. We made this top-5 dancing water speaker review to help you find the best solution. So you can create your special-mood playlist and give in to music and beautiful lights that will surely inspire you. Before using any such gadgets, read dancing water speaker’s instructions to use all features to the full extent. As we want you to make the best choice, hopefully, our top-5 list of dancing water speakers will amaze you. You can also find here some quick review and dancing water speaker’s directions.

#1 DJ Rave Dancing Water Speakers

Enjoy the clarity of sound with these colorful DJ Rave Dancing Water Speakers. They create a light fountain show with four multicolored LED lights. This set of two speakers is compatible with most of the devices. It is portable and USB-powered. The sound quality is pretty good, considering their size

#2 SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Dancing Speakers

Easy-to-use and fantastic-looking digital energy dancing water speakers, which will bring you clear sound, no matter what devices you will connect them to. You will be surprised when using them for the first time. Great combination of dancing LED light; relaxing fountain, and your favorite music can be connected to any device in one minute.

#3 BeFree Sound BFS-33X

This 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth System is the best choice of dancing water speakers with subwoofer, which can be connected both via Bluetooth and aux-in. Its motion of bright lights and striking water can easily hypnotize you and make you feel completely relaxed when it is needed. At the same time, it is an excellent choice to entertain your guests, especially kids.

#4 ATake’s 2.1 Channel Water Dancing Speaker System

The new ATake’s model consists of one long-throw subwoofer and two full-range satellite speakers. Dancing water jets rotate and create a unique atmosphere along with the pure sound. You can take it on vacation, enjoy at home, use it while camping, or place it anywhere you wish. Before using, read how to set up dancing water speakers to make sure everything is fine.

#5 Aolyty Colorful LED Dancing Water Fountain

It is an excellent idea for a present for anyone. You can create your light show by changing the volume. A small set of these crazy lights water dancing speakers can be suitable for your office too. These amplifier speakers create a pure sound no matter what device they are connected to. Sounds impressive, right?

Conclusion: Believe it or not, the range of water speakers is extensive to meet various needs. Before buying any gadget, try to gather as much information as you can and compare different models. You will find yours for sure. We wish you to experience beautiful adventures with your portable music system.

We hope you found our advice valuable. If you have any experience in using dancing water speakers, please share it with us in the comments below.

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