Award Winning Shaving Technology -The BRAUN SERIES 7

Men’s health magazine and a panel of experts’ editors picked the Braun Series 7 as a member of just 36 groom products for guys.

Award Winning Shaving Technology

Men’s Health is among the most well-known magazines for guys with 12.5 million subscribers and four thousand unique visits to their own site.

Braun Series 7-790cc

The ActiveLift attribute has an oscillating trimmer lifts & reductions hair that is flat-lying. This lifting procedure in great in regions that are troubled that electric shavers wouldn’t be able to achieve. This is among the differences in the Braun Series 7 when compared with electric shavers that are more economical.

Braun foil with ergonomically sized hair is cut by holes . You’ll be amazed by the proximity of this Braun Series 7. It feels like you used a blade as opposed to an electrical shaver.

Features of Braun Series 7

  • Cleaning: As component of this wash & renews technology there’s a alchohol based cleaning solution which can help remove stubble.
  • Charging: Even though the machine is cleaning the shaver, the device also charges at precisely the exact same time leaving you greater battery life.
  • Lubricating: Throughout the cleaning cycle that the blades are mechanically compacted to help conserve the life span of your Braun shaver. With many shavers you need to scatter the blades.
  • Automatic Programming: The tech supporting the shaver will automatically find out if the last time that your shaver has been washed, picking the finest optimal manner for the best shave possible.
  • Quick Clean: There’s an choice to quickly wash your shaver if you’re in a crunch for a while. The quick procedure that is clean takes 25 minutes.

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