TOP 10 Best Wood Burning Kits to Buy in 2020


Best Wood Burning Kits Reviews

There most common types of wood-burning kits available in the market – solid tip burners or craft-style wood burners. Each one is ideal for individuals as per completing their projects. The wood burners are ideally designed for artists and designers who need precision. Craft wood burners are designed for individuals that do not require detail or accuracy.

Best Wood burning kits allow you to convey your art into beautiful wooden canvases. Pyrographers are famous and increasingly beautiful art throughout the world. It is also known as “Wood-burning” and requires techniques and skills to implement your craft on the piece. You can carve and intricate your imaginations to clean a piece of wood with the right piece of equipment.

The wood-burning techniques are old and began since the human discovered fire. Early aged people realized they could burn the fire and crave symbols and pictograms into the wood or the caves. Nowadays, some tools can be used to make a different level of art embossed wood shapes to different portraits, drawings, and quotes.

Nowadays, people want to live in older technology, so they adapt the ancient techniques of Cast Wood burning stove in the living area or outdoors as an essential part. Axe for splitting wood is a tool used for preparing firewood and make a bonfire to keep family warm the entire winter.

Back to point!

There are many products out there in the market; each one specialized as per their functionality. We have enlisted guidelines to look for, especially for a beginner. We have rounded of best wood burning tools in the following guide select wood-burning kits that can help you finish your task in a fast and effective way.

#1 Guide to Wood Burning

There are so many projects you can engrave and craft with a piece of wood and wood-burning tool. Almost any design you can imagine and transferred to a wooden bit and burned onto a surface. Wood burning kits for a beginner are available at a low price and let you explore your creativity and develop into a professional one.

Beyond skills, you will need a surface for burning and also the best kit. Maple wood, brasswoord and other sort of woods can be used for sketching. While there is specific wood for cutting wood that serves different purpose and cannot be used for art. Generally, you need the necessary equipment, primarily heated pen that can as part of beginner’s wood-burning kit, available on craft store or online.

The majority of tools are a built-in pen-like shape that has a similar appearance, like soldering irons used on stained glass.

These tools possess a handle with the shape of a cylinder, a heating metal, and a tip that carves upon the surface of wood or any other material. Some equipment has transformers built in it to check the temperature and maintain the setting on the tool while making impressions.

#2 How to Choose – Pyrography Tools and Pens

A reliable wood burning kit should be one that allows you to do a variety of projects on wood or leather. Whether you need a logo to be created or gift someone engraved names + forever on the wood, it could be done with the kit.

There are two types of best wood burning kits available. You can choose the one that is designed as per your purpose.

● Solid point burners
● Wire Nib burners

#1 Solid Point Burners

They appear and operate like soldering iron. It includes a brass tip that heats up through an electrical element. It performs on fix temperatures. Usually, a beginner chooses this type of option.

These burners have a tip that includes a cylinder or tube to master at a particular precise angle on both sides to form a sharp slanted edge. Usually, beginners enhance their skills with this, too, and naturally progress later to more professional kits to achieve optimal results.

There are interchangeable tips included for creating burning strokes, detailing, angles, and much more in your masterpiece.

#2 Wire Nib Burners

Another category is wire nib burners; these are heating through the electrical current that allows passing directly through it. Some are interchangeable nibs that are effective for creating various burning effects. The wire nib burners are included in Professional Wood burning kits.

The wire points can be crafted for various tasks that give you diversity in your collection. Some tips help you in creating fine lines, diversifying shades, adding style in your calligraphy, enhanced texture options into your projects.

They have built-in thermostats that offer you greater control over the temperature of the pen. There is an array of options for tips included like fish scales, specialty texture, and down feather tips.

#3 Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Burning Kit

Temperature – One of the crucial features in the kit is temperature adjustment. It gives allowance whether you can adjust heat as per your work. Most of the pyrography pens are structured with different temperature levels. The broad heat level gives you more versatility and can carve on wood as well as leather.

Safety Features – The safety features are crucial to perform while working with kits. While intricating your art, there is a possibility that you might burn your hands. The safety measure includes insulation. A package comprises a pen that has proper heating, so there is no discomfort on the handle.

Accessories – The accessories need to be checked and considered for ultimate performance. With different attachments, you could be sure about higher versatility. A right tip is essential in excellent heat drawing and completing the task efficiently.

To help you find a perfect wood burning kit, we have put dedication and effort into presenting your products accurately and significantly. We have enlisted products based on their features, popularity, positive reviews, brand reputation, and many other factors reviewed by our team of experts.

With extensive research, we compiled a list with a detailed description of the best tools in the market.

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#2 Best Wood Burning Kits Reviews 2020

#1 DrTulz 2020 New Upgraded 56 Pieces Wood Burning Kit

[2019 New] Upgraded 56PCS Wood Burning Kit, Pyrography Pen with Adjustable Temperature for Wood Burning/Carving/Embossing/Soldering+ Soldering Tips + Stencil + Stand + Carrying Case60
  • ✔ Meet All You Need - Package comes with 1 x Wood burning pen with adjustable...
  • ✔ Fast Heating & Adjustable Temperature - This wood burning kit works at adjustable...
  • ✔ Ergonomic Design - Light weight and the ergonomic designed handle to help you operate...

This wood-burning kit grabs up the top position due to its great features and versatility. It is a comprehensive product with 56 pieces of accessories to get started on the journey of absorbing and fascinating your art technique.

The product comprises a wide range of accessories to choose to enhance your design or lettering – Including stainless steel pyrography pen, 28 soldering iron tips, colorful pencils, metal stand, plastic stencil, and much more. Adjust the temperature as per your work and material from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius.

Built with inner heat ceramic technology, the tool is versatile in producing heat within a few minutes, which substantially saves energy. The ergonomic and lightweight plastic handle makes up a perfect wood-burning pen, whether it be for image transferring, paper crafting, fabric embossing, stencil tracing, or any other projects.

This best wood burning kit is ideal for beginners as well as advanced. Don’t forget to read the detailed instructions available in the manual before operating. Always let the nib cool down before changing.

#1 Features

● Includes 56 accessories along with 28 tips selection tools
● Manual included for detailed instructions
● A lightweight, ergonomic pen
● Adjustable temperature option
● Quick heating system
● Stainless steel material for more extended durability

#2 PETUOL 82 PCS Wood Burning Kit

82 PCS Wood Burning Kit, Father's Day Wood Tool with Adjustable On-Off Switch Control Temperature 200~450 ℃ Professional Wood Burning Pen and DIY Various Wooden Kits Carving/Embossing/Soldering Tips60
  • Pyrography packaging: 1 × pyrotechnic wood pen, 17 × assorted wood and tip, 13 ×...
  • Rapid temperature rise and a temperature control: High quality 60W heated ceramic...
  • Ergonomic design: The lightweight, ergonomic handle of the burning set allows you to...

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, your right tools can enhance your creativity. With Petoul wood burning kit, you could do wonder and express your creativity in style. This best wood burning kit offers you an array of options for accessories. With 82 pieces, you could sketch on any material with improved versatility.

The tips are durable enough that can perform their job efficiently on any wood. The kit has a combination of assorted wood tips, colored pencils, hot knife chuck, and much more. Overall, it is a power-packed tool kit for artists as well as a beginner.

The 60 W ceramic technology allows you to heat quickly within 15 seconds. The kit comprises of 37 different welding embossing nibs and accessories. You can adjust the temperature from 200 to 450 degrees C. The ergonomic handle gives you the benefit of working on your project from different angles without getting tired.

Whether you need image transfer, form work cutting, textile embossing, hot stamping, or any other, all could be done with a multi-utility kit. You love when someone cares provided you extra products. This kit includes a zipper purse where you can hoard your equipment safely.

#1 Features

● Includes Wood burning pen with 17 soldering and burning tips
● 2 Blades
● 12 Stencils
● 12 Color Pencils
● 10 Carbon paper
● 6 Wood Chip
● 1 Pen holder
● 2 Hot Knife chuck
● Pencil Sharpener
● Carrying Case
● 37 welding embossing tips and other accessories
● Lightweight, ergonomic handle
● Variable temperature control

#3 Fuyit 42Pcs LCD Wood Burning Kit

Fuyit 42Pcs LCD Wood Burning Kit, Pyrography Pen with Various Temperature Control, Wood Burner Craft Tool for Wood Burning, Soldering, Carving, Embossing60
  • ✅【LCD Display Screen】The latest Pyrography tools (60 watts) with thermostatic...
  • ✅【Burning & Soldering & Cutting】With multiple interchangeable tips (Universal, Flow,...
  • ✅【Efficient Heating】Wood burning pen with inner-heated ceramic technology heats up...

A comprehensive product included everything that you need to engineer your drawings or art forms. The Fuyit is one of the best wood burning kits available at an affordable rate with distinctive features. Whether you want to improve your skills or work with different levels of expertise, this pyrography tool can satisfy your requirements.

The 60 Watts thermostatic digital LCD Screen gives you the flexibility to visualize and have control of heat for any sort of project. The pen allows you to control temperature and let you change the intensity from 180 degrees to 480 degrees Celsius. Certain types of wood or material require higher heat compared to others.

With 42 pieces of accessories and tips combination available inside, it makes leads the competitive market and make a good selection of most versatile pyrography tools. The manufacturer has designed considering your safety and reliability with a wood engraving pen.

The pen includes a comfortable handling structure with internal heating ceramic technology that lets you warm up quickly compared to others. Head converters are prone to damage easily; therefore, there are two extra replacement bonus head converters included in it.

Whether you are DIYer or hobbyist or a pro, you can rely on Fuyit pyrography kit that is efficient in its job.

#1 Features

● LCD Display Screen with thermostatic digital control
● Interchangeable tips
● Ceramic technology
● Six ventilation holes
● The variable temperature of 180 to 480 degree C
● Includes holder and carry case for safety.
● Wood burning kits include – soldering iron, hot knife cutter, welding circuit board, cork, and much more.

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#4 Catnes 97Pcs Wood Burning Kit, Professional Woodburning Tool

97Pcs Wood Burning Kit, Professional Woodburning Tool with Soldering Iron, Creative Tool Set Adjustable Temperature Soldering Pyrography Pen for Embossing Carving Soldering Tips (New)60
  • 【UPDATE VERSION - COMPLETE VARIETIES】The best selling Catnes 97Pcs wood burning kit....
  • 【HEAT INSULATED COMFORTABLE GRIP】Soft rubber handle is Heat Protection gives you a...
  • 【FROM BEGINNER TO EXPERT】With 54 different welding embossing tips and accessories, it...

The Catnes wood burning kit is one of the best wood burning kits available in the market, with above 90% of positive reviews from customers. Whether you are a DIYer or professional who have tons of projects to accomplish, this affordable piece is effortless to use with various features.

97 Pieces accessories include an assortment of essential tools all packed in one box — no need to buy extra accessories or tools for your work. Whether you need a cut stencil, soldering craft paper, embossing fabric, or any other, this kit can do wonder. Works on an array of surfaces from wood, leather to the card.

Safety is prioritized in the tool; therefore, it is accompanied by a soft rubber handle for comfortable gripping when you are working on your hobby for a long time. While working on wood burning projects, many users are prone to burn their hands, but with rubber handle, you just incise your art.

When considering tools, there are about 54 types of welding embossed accessories and tips included. 18 color pencils included adding colors to your art. The smart-pen memorizes your last recorded heating temperature and heats next time as per it. With more ventilation holes on the pipes, there is the option of better heat dissipation.

An LCD Displays lets you monitor the temperature you set; you can precisely move the heat from 200 to 450 degrees. The on and off switch enables you to use the device safely and also saving your bucks for energy resources.

#1 Features

• 1 LCD Pyrography Pen
• 1 Solder Wire
• 54 Soldering tips and accessories
• 1 Carry case
• 2 Head converters
• Adjustable temperature
• 60 W ceramic heating technology
• Soft rubber handle for a comfortable grip
• 97 tools for embossing, hot stamping, paper crafting, and much more.

#5 ROYADVE 56PCS Wood Burning Kit

ROYADVE 56PCS Wood Burning Kit Soldering Iron Tool Adjustable Temperature 200~450℃ with 60W Pyrography Pen Full Burner Craft Set Artwork DIY Professional Wood Embossing/Carving/Soldering Tips60
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION APPLICATION】- It can soldering, wood burning and leather burning. With...
  • 【RAPID HEATING & TEMPERATURE CONTROL】- Premium quality 60W quick heating wood burning...
  • 【SAFETY & COMFORTABLE】- There is a unique thermal insulation sleeve and excellent...

Thanks to the variable temperature setting toggle with different tips and accessories included, the ROYADVE wood burning kit is best on our list for working on various surfaces. For an artist who loves the wood-burning projects, this tool kit gives you a chance and flexibility to work as an expert.

The premium quality products give you allowance to work exceptionally on the projects. You can work with multi function applications from wood burning, soldering, leather burning, and much more. The lightweight pen-style tool gives you the flexibility to work on different surfaces like wax candles, woods, sycamore, birch, cork, and much more.

60 W quick heating wood kit can quickly heat up in 15 seconds. The dialer allows you to control the temperature from 200 to 450-degree Celsius. The versatile tool enables you to work with 28 interchangeable tips and accessories that make the perfect choice for different projects.

The pen has a thermal insulation handle that allows you to work detail and precision comfortably without getting hand fatigue. With extensive accessories and application, you would be able to intricate on different wood types, craft paper, fabric, cut stencil, hot stamping, and much more.

#1 Features

• Multifunction Pyrography tool kit
• 60 W quick heating
• Thermal insulation handle
• Lightweight pen
• 28 soldering accessories and tops
• Formwork cutting, welding, hot stamping, and much more.
• Affordable pricing
• Adjustable temperature
• 12 Colorful pencils
• 12 Plastic stencils
• Carry case
• Metal Stand included

#6 Rarlight Wood Burning Kit

Wood Burning Kit, [Upgraded] Rarlight Woodburning Tool with Soldering Iron Intlmate, 54 PCS Adjustable Temperature Soldering Pyrography Wood burning Pen, Embossing/Carving/Soldering Tips/Carrying Case60
  • [Fast Heating] Premium Quality 60W fast heating wood burning kit with 33 different welding...
  • [Temperature Control] 60W 110V Quick Heating Wood Burning Kit with variable adjustable...
  • [Comfortable Ergonomic Design] Lightweight, ergonomically designed handle that helps you...

The wood-burning kit by Rarlight is a combination of reliability, excellence, and high-performance product. If you are a user who is beginner or advances, you would love to use the accessories and nibs included in it.

The tool comprises of 33 pieces of interchangeable tips and accessories, that is correctly loaded for executing any sort of projects. Single devices could handle wood burning, fabric embossing, soldering all. The lightweight ergonomically designed product lets to manage projects with ease of operation at different angles.

The ceramic technology is best; it heats up within 45 seconds, which substantially saves your bucks in energy bills. Accompanied by assorted tips and accessories allows you to effortlessly regardless of the skill you possess. Without a doubt, the kit tool serves best for experts, intermediate users as well as beginners.

Sometimes you need a lower temperature while working while some operations are performed at a higher temperature. Flexible adjustable temperature control gives you the ability to handle from 200 to 450-degree C. Be careful while crafting; excessive pressure can damage your masterpieces.

#1 Features

• 33 Welding tips and accessories
• 60 W ceramic heated technology
• Comfortable ergonomic design handle
• 1 Wood burning pen included
• 5 iron heads
• 1 converter head included
• 1 mini stand
• 1 solder wire
• Stencils, and much more.

#7 INTLMATE Wood Burning Kit Woodburning Tool with Soldering Iron

Wood Burning Kit Woodburning Tool with Soldering Iron INTLMATE 54 PCS Woodburner Temperature Adjustable with Soldering Iron Set Pyrography Wood Burning Pen,Embossing/Carving/Soldering Tips+16 Stencils60
  • 1.Fast Heating - High quality 60W fast heating wood burning kit with 33 different welding...
  • 2.Temperature Control- Premium Quality 60W,110V Quick Heating Wood Burning Kit with...
  • 3.Ergonomic Design - Lightweight, ergonomically designed handle that helps you operate at...

If you are still looking for an affordable yet reliable wood burning kit, then INTLMATE can offer you the best one.

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Heating and drawing on wood or leather require excellent tools; that’s why Intlmate pens can be the best for your collection. Compared to other products, accessories can enhance your art in a fun-filled way. The product is power-packed with a lot of accessories. It features 33 welding tips, pencils, heads, stencils, and much more offer you versatility om projects.

The ergonomic handle allows you to manage your projects without cramping or hand fatigue. The 60 W temperatures allow you to adjust the temperature from 200 to 450 Degree, empowering you to solder, emboss or even perform calligraphy techniques on wood or leather. The inbuilt ceramic technology saves you power and time while mastering your piece.

The reasonably priced kit is intended for beginner, intermediate, or experts of all skill levels. A user manual is included in it with tips, stencils, and color pencils.

#1 Features

• 60 W fast heating wood burning kit
• 33 Welding tips and accessories
• Flexible temperature with 200 to 450 degree
• Lightweight, ergonomic handle
• Inner heat ceramic technology
• Includes – 1 Pyrography pen,
• 27 Wood burning and tips
• 5 Iron heads
• 16 stencils
• Carrying case
• 1 penknife

#8 TAMEHOM [UL Listed] Wood Burning Kit

[UL Listed] Wood Burning Kit, Wood Burning Pyrography Pen Kit Tool with Adjustable Temperature Control/Carving/Embossing/Soldering Tips + Stencil + Carving Knife + Stand + Carrying Case60
  • ✅ 【ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE & SWITCH】- Works at adjustable temperatures from 400° to...
  • ✅ 【UL APPROVED】- UL quality control keeps you away from danger, used without...
  • ✅ 【AWARD INDUSTRY DESIGN】- Light weight & high quality housing with heat protection...

The wood-burning kit designed by UL is well crafted with keeping safety into consideration. No matter you are developing your skills, or you are master at it, this kit has something for you. We have found positive reviews of users due to its easy to hold pen style and features.

With affordable pricing range, the lightweight pen does not compromise in quality. As a newbie, there is always the stress of getting burned, but the agronomical designed handle allows you to just focus on a hobby without getting burnt.

The temperature control feature is more tactile and responsive. It allows you to choose 15 W or 30W power output, which will enable you to heat the pen up to 850 F within a mere 40 seconds. The temperature is ideal for leather carving, wood burning, soldering, embossing fabric, cards, and much more.

With 21 burning tips and 12 color pencils, you can level up your imagination and master your art. Transfer image directly into the material with multiple effects like hot knife cutting, hot stamping, paper crafting, and much more simply with this pyrography pen. It allows you the versatility to carry pen anywhere with you and keeping it safe in carrying case.

#1 Features

• Metal 21 burning tips
• 12 color pencils
• One carrying case
• One instruction
• One wood-burning pen
• Variable temperature setting from 400 – 850 C
• On-Off Switch
• LED indicator

#9 ATHOMEY Upgraded Wood Burning Kit

Upgraded Wood Burning Kit, Adjustable Temperature Iron/Leather Pyrography Pen+Embossing/Carving/Soldering Tips +Stencil+ Stand + Carrying Case60
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION】 - combine there functions of soldering, wood burning and leather...
  • 【QUICK HEATING】 Inner-heated ceramic technology, 60W quick heating wood burning kit,...
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】 1 x Adjustable temperature pyrography wood burning pen 5 x assorted...

If you are looking for a product best in reliability and affordability, then you might look at Athomey Wood burning kit. The lightweight wood-burning pen simplifies your work and feels as if you are drawing with a pen. Beside it, you get stencil-like comfort-ability and hot knife chuck.

An energy-efficient, inbuilt ceramic technology eases the work of quick heating. While the temperature control option, which is mandatory in the best pen, allows you to control and operate the pen at a specific temperature conveniently. It includes all the accessories that are needed for a beginner or expert.

No matter if you love wood carving, embossing, or want to work on leather crafting, the package is built, keeping various factors into consideration. The kit has a combination of tool that works well for painters and enthusiasts.

5 Assorted embossing tips, four soldering iron tips, and ten interchangeable wood carving tips are included in the kit. Also, it contains hot knife chuck, blade, converter, stencils, and carry case, that make worth a purchase at this rate.

No matter if your canvas is wood, paper, card, leather, or any other material, with the right tips and pen, you delightfully crave your art.

#1 Features

• The multipurpose kit works for – Soldering, wood burning, leather burning
• Adjustable temperatures from 200 to 450-degree C
• Ceramic technology pen
• Lightweight pen
• Multiple tips included

#10 drclean [UL Listed] Upgraded Wood Burning Kit 46PCS

[UL Listed] Upgraded Wood Burning Kit 46PCS, Pyrography Pen with Adjustable On-Off Switch Temperature Control Include Various Wooden Kits Carving/Embossing/Soldering Tips + Carrying Case60
  • 【 UPGRADED VERSION - TEMPERATURE CONTROL】 The high quality upgrade wood burning pen...
  • 【 BEST CHIOCE FOR HOBBYIST 】 Ideal tool for all skill levels including wood burning...
  • 【 STIMULATE YOUR CREATIVITY 】 The replaceable joint design of the 26 pcs wood burning...

This 46 Pcs tool lets everyone, a beginner or advanced level pro, to enjoy their love for wood burning in a more precise way. The kit is designed to improve your art seamlessly. The kit includes a different set that makes carvings on heat more enjoyable and worthy. The tips are made of high-quality material; they have the exceptional heating capacity so that you carve on your masterpiece without waiting.

The tips do not corrode and can run for a long time without worries. Twenty-six wood-burning tips allow you to exhibit your artistic feature on canvas. People who love high versatility when it comes to sketching different patterns would find the product worthy.

The temperature control switch allows you to portray images or designs on wood, leather, and much more. All you need is to imagine and dedicate; the product allows you to transfer pictures, stencil cutting, paper crafting, soldering, fabric embossing, and much more on a wide range of applications.

The large and ergonomic handle allows you to grasp quickly compared to rivals. The sleek case offers you to carry your art tools wherever you go. Do not restrict your hand movements, with many tips and fabric, just sketch limitlessly.

#1 Features

• High-quality wood-burning pen
• Temperature control dial
• 26 wood-burning tips
• Image transferring, stencil cutting, paper crafting, hot stamping, fabric embossing, etc.
• Adjustable On/ Off switch

#4 How to use the wood-burning equipment?

● Follow the manual instructions available in your kit.

● Make sure the wood-burning tool/pen is unplugged.

● From options, choose the desired tip for your carving.

● Plugin the pen and allow it to heat about 5 to 7 minutes.

● Find some design or stencil whichever you wish to draw.

● With the help of the transfer paper, outline the design on the piece of wood.

● Place the tip of the pen on the surface of the wood and follow the design. It is crucial to maintain constant pressure to sketch colored lines. For darker lines, you need to avoid little extra force, make sure you do not damage the nib.

● Do not leave unattended the wood burner pens, while sketching makes sure you lift at proper intervals. If you leave unattended, the wood surface may develop a burn spot.

● For changing nibs, you should unplug the pen and let it cool. Always keep nibs in an enclosed case to avoid damage.

● Clean the nib with sandpaper while wearing gloves. For safety purposes, use a soft cloth to wipe off the nib.

● Clear of all the residue on the wood piece with sandpaper. Smoothen some rough spots and wipe off all residue from the artwork.

● Apply wood oil or mineral oil and leave the piece aside in a cool and dry place.

#5 Conclusion

In all, we have provided an extensive list and idea about best yet affordable kits. You have to make a decision and choose a product that is worth your requirements.

Wood burning kits are a perfect gift for an art lover. Although all tools are excellent as per the list we complied with; there are two that are cherry on the cake. These two managed to be on top of the list with power-packed features to make a pyrography great.

We loved DrTulz kit with 56 pieces of assorted accessories, due to its price range and brand reliability. Fuyit 42 Pieces Wood burning kit that is great for wood burning as well as leather work. Both give you an array of optional tips which make a solid choice for pyrography enthusiast.


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