TOP 10 Best Vacuum Storage Bags to Buy in 2020


Best Vacuum Storage Bags

In this recent times, vacuum storage bags have turned out to be one of the best options for storing your store clothes, textiles and bedding. So, if you have limited space at home just go for any of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags to help you organize your home neatly.

These vacuum bags also save for clothing or bedding from picking up any unpleasant scent when you stored them in an attic for quite some time. Packing your stuff in vacuum bags can also save them from being damaged by clothes moths and other pests. They act as a barrier and protect the items packed in it from mildew, moisture, mold and dust.

You can also use these vacuum bags for packing some more extra clothes in your next vacation without paying for extra baggage. The reason behind is, clothes when packed in these vacuum storage bags can be compressed down from their original size with the use of a handheld pump or vacuum cleaner. Some of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags allow you to fit in more clothes in your existing luggage and not go for another baggage.

#1 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Vacuum Storage Bags

If you are wondering how to pick the right product out of thousands of varieties available in the market then you can check out some of the things you need to consider in any of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags Reviews.

Size – A Giant Vacuum Storage Bag also known as the jumbo bag are considered an excellent option for packing your heavy winter clothes, blankets, mattresses and anything that is heavy and space-occupying. Once the air is pumped out all your stuff can be easily squeezed in comfortably in a compact space.

But if you need vacuum bags for packing your day-to-day clothes then go for a smaller size. So, be careful in choosing a pack that offers bags of various sizes to meet all your needs.

Quality – This is one point that you can judge by going through the reviews of the existing customers in any of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags Reviews. High-quality vacuum bags are the ones that are made of thick and lasting materials with a number of features. It is only a good quality bag that would last longer and also keep your clothes are safe from moisture, dust and other harmful elements.

Sealing Methods – It is very important to make out what type of sealing method the vacuum bag you have selected use for keeping the air out. The better the sealing method, it will preserve the quality of your clothes for a longer period of time.

Price – It is definitely important to consider the price of the product and not spend unnecessarily on something which is not worth the price. Here, you should consider the features that would be useful to you and not go for an expensive feature-packed vacuum bag which will ultimately hardly meet your needs. So, carefully do a comparative study of a few products to get a better idea of the price factor.

#2 Best Vacuum Storage Bags Reviews 2020

Here, we have reviewed some of the most popular products that you will easily come across in most of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags Reviews:

#1 Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

If you are in search of some big-sized sturdy Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes and other essentials like blankets, towels, bedsheets, pillows, queen size bedding, duvets, etc. then this set of 6 jumbo Premium Vacuum Storage Bags by Spacesaver would be the ideal choice.

These transparent vacuum bags come with double zip blue-colored seal and a Triple-Seal Turbo Valve. This system is easy to use and also ensures that your clothes stay compact and air-tight protected from water and any kind of odors or pests. The entire pack weighs around 1.5 pounds.

It comes with a free travel pump that lets you squeeze out every bit of air from the vacuum bags and keeps your belongings safe air-tight and safe. These Spacesaver vacuum bags can help you bring out that extra space in your cupboards, closets, basements, suitcases, lofts and basements.

These bags are tough, large enough and known to retain their seal for a long time. Hence, they are recommended for long-term storage of seasonal clothes. The review by a huge number of 12.133 customers in Amazon whoa have offered a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars makes it one of the best Best Vacuum Storage Bags.

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#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Good quality build
  • Pack of 6 jumbo size
  • Hand pump included
  • Great for seasonal storage
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Triple zip seal keeps them air-tight
  • Available only in one size
  • The clothes get crumbled

#2 Simple Houseware V 15 Vacuum Storage

Simple Houseware V 15 Vacuum Storage

When you are looking for vacuum bags of different sizes then you should definitely pick this Simple Houseware V 15 Vacuum Storage. It is a pack of 15 bags of four different sizes; 2 Jumbo, 5 XL, 4 large and 4 medium.

These clear bags have a white double seal zipper and value. The zipper keeps the items waterproof and airtight. The utility clips also help in effectively sealing your bag. The whole packet weighs around 4.05 pounds.

Two good things about these vacuum bags are they are reusable and works with any vacuum cleaner. They help in reducing around 80% space and are thus really effective. Their different size proves to be really helpful. A Corner Storage Cabinet is another place where you can store these vacuum bags.

The review of almost 2100 customers in Amazon makes it one of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags in today’s market. So save your clothes, pillows, blankets, bedding sheets from mildews and mold today by ordering these set of vacuum bags today.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Reusable
  • Includes utility clips
  • Versatile application
  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Assures 80% space reduction
  • Comes with a replacement guarantee
  • No hand pump
  • The plastic used is noticeably thin

#3 HIBAG Space Saver Bags

HIBAG Space Saver Bags

When you are looking for the maximum number of vacuum bags in one pack then nothing can beat this HIBAG Space Saver Storage Vacuum Bags that come in a pack of 20 that too in 5 different varieties.

It includes 5 Jumbo, 5 large, 6 medium, 2 small and 2 roll-up bags. They are made of the safest material that follows the strictest quality control standards and promises to last long. They have a double-lock zipper and a value making the bags completely air-tight and waterproof. The entire pack weighs around 5.45 pounds.

These clear vacuum bags come with the unique double-zip design on the one side of which there are yellow lines and blue lines on the other. While sealing the bags you need to ensure that the yellow line will be inserted into the two blue lines indicating that the bag is well-sealed. The zipper is really smooth to open and close.

The compatible valve comes with a small plastic piece inside that prevents the air from getting inside. The stay-one clips prevent the clip from falling off the zipper or getting lost. These vacuum bags can help you save 80% more space than the other bags available in the market.

The hand pump included proves to be really useful while traveling. Be it your clothes, pillows, comforters, beddings, etc. the different sizes fit in almost anything. The review by nearly 1890 customers in Amazon makes it one of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags and one of the smartest options to go for.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Highly-versatile
  • Travel pump included
  • Saves 80% more space
  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Dual-colored double-zip design
  • The build quality is a little poor
  • You have no option to purchase the bags individually

#4 Spacesaver Premium 2 x Large, 2 x Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

Spacesaver Premium Large Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

When your requirement is not much you can get home this Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags that contains only 4 of different sizes.

The pack contains 4 clear vacuum bags of 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large and 1 jumbo size. Each comes with a Double-Zip Seal and a Triple-Seal Turbo Valve both of which ensure that all the air inside the bag is squeezed out in the suction process. This zip-lock comes in a dual-color of blue and yellow that helps in sealing the bags effectively.

The product comes with a free travel pump. If you are traveling and want to utilize the space in your luggage up to an optimum level then you should definitely go for these vacuum bags that help you save more than 80% space compared to other cheap brands available in the market.

You can also use them to store your essentials in your wardrobe, garage, lofts, garages and suitcases. If you have recently purchased one of the Best Quality Flannel Sheets then these vacuum bags can be one of the best solutions to store them safely.

It has bagged reviews by around 1341 customers in Amazon that speaks of its popularity and makes it one of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags in today’s market.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Double-Zip Seal
  • Free travel pump
  • Triple-Seal Turbo Valve
  • Pack of 4 different sized bags
  • Comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Little expensive

#5 Storage Master Space Saver Bags

Storage Master Space Saver Bags

For people who are looking for multifunctional storage bags can try buying this pack of 8 jumbo-sized i.e. XXL Vacuum Storage Bags sized 27” x 40” by Storage Master that prove to be most suitable for traveling.

These clear vacuum bags are made of premium quality BPA-free PA + PE with embossed film blue checks and white valves. These bags come with a stay-on clip and double-colored zipper in black and white providing extra protection against air isolation and are safe for long term storage. The entire pack weighs around 2.95 pounds.

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When you close the bag, the white line will be inserted into the two black lines indicating that the bag is well-sealed. The zipper is designed with one side low and one side high so that it is easy to close and open. The convenient stay-on clip prevents the clips from falling off the zipper.

The thickness of the vacuum compressed bags is about 0.09mm. They promise long-term storage effects. When compressed properly, you can save up to 80% of your storage space. These bags can be compressed with any household vacuum cleaner.

These large-sized vacuum bags are can be used for travel and home storage both. The review rating by 664 customers in Amazon says that these are the Best Vacuum Storage Bags you can lay your hands on.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Made of safe material
  • Saves up to 80% of your storage space
  • Bags have a thickness of about 0.09mm
  • Double-colored zipper with stay-on-clips
  • Compatible with the household vacuum cleaner
  • NA

#6 SUOCO Vacuum Storage Bags

SUOCO Vacuum Storage Bags

Are you looking for Vacuum Storage Bags for Mattresses, then you should definitely go for this Vacuum Storage Bags by SUOCO that contains 8 vacuum bags 4 jumbo and 4 large-sized. Be it mattress, or anything else like comforter, bed sheet, blanket, duvets, pillows, etc. they will easily fit in these big-sized bags.

The bags are clear and come with a black and white double zip seal and black the triple seal valve. These are made of a new type of material that is made of soft plastic and nylon (PE + PA) composite. The jumbo size is 40 x 30 inch and the large size is 32 x 24 inch. The entire packet weighs around 2.3 pounds.

The black and white double zip seal helps you to seal the bags properly. You need to insert the white line in between the black lines to ensure that there is no gap.

These bags are made by following strict quality control standards. They are both flexible and durable. You can even reuse these bags multiple times. Anything you store in these bags stays fresh.

The pack includes a hand pump to make your job easier. You can also connect it with any household vacuum cleaner hose. With a total of 607 reviews in Amazon, it can be tagged as one of the Best Vacuum Storage Bags.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Reusable
  • Double-zip seal
  • Triple-seal valve technology
  • Comes with a convenient hand pump
  • Made out of durable plastic and nylon material
  • Compatible with regular house vacuum cleaners
  • Includes 8 vacuum bags 4 jumbo and 4 large sized
  • Not suitable for smaller items
  • At times, the bags don’t stay inflated

#7 GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags

GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags

Did you know that vacuum storage bags can be used to store a variety of items right from bedding clothes, blankets toys, foodstuff and so on. The pack includes a total of 12 bags of four different sizes like jumbo, large, medium, small each of 3 pieces.

These clear bags are made of 2-layer composite material PA and PE that are highly puncture resistant, with high seam strength and offer better sealing performance. It comes with a unique double seal zipper in black and white and a black triple-seal turbo valve designed to suck out all the air out of the bag. The entire pack weighs around 2.6 pounds.

These vacuum bags are able to reduce 80% of the space while storing items that prove to be really helpful.

The bags are made using strictest quality control standards to ensure that they last long. Hence you don’t need to worry about the long-term effects of storage in these compression bags. There is a travel pump included that comes really handy while traveling.

So, be it for traveling or storing things in your attic, basement, wardrobe or dormitory you can order this pack of Ziploc Storage Bags today to keep your things fresh in all season. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon this product, it can be definitely marked as one of the best Vacuum Storage Bags 2020.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Durable
  • Versatile use
  • Can be reused
  • Contains 12 bags of 4 different sizes
  • Made of thicker and strong material
  • Does not have a warranty

#8 VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags with Electric Pump

VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags

Are you tired of squeezing out the air from the vacuum bags then you should definitely try this VMSTR Travel Vacuum Seal Storage Bags that comes with an electric pump. The electric pump is suitable for vacuum storage bags with valve ports of diameter less than 25mm.

The pack includes 4 compression bags 2 medium of size 28″ x 20″ and 2 small of size 24″ x 16″. These clear bags with blue stripes are made of quality materials that make them last for long-term effects. They are 150% thicker than any other ordinary vacuum bags available in the market and protect your belongings from water, dust, and odors. The entire pack weighs around 2.3 pounds.

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The electric pump is made of ABS material that makes it highly durable. Its sleek finish gives a comfortable feel while holding. The portable pump is powerful and can efficiently vacuum each bag in only 3-5 minutes. This pump is suitable for vacuum storage bags with a valve port having a diameter of less than 25mm.

These vacuum bags help you save 3 times space in your closet, suitcase or backpack. You can use these small vacuum bags to store small items like towels, clothes, toys, food items, your Plastic Storage Drawers.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Reusable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable triple-seal valve
  • Comes with a powerful electric pump
  • Includes 2 medium and 2 small-sized bags
  • A bit expensive for only 4 bags
  • This package does not contain large bags

#9 Suob Vacuum Storage Bags

Suob Vacuum Storage Bags

The Suob Vacuum Storage Bags contains a pack of 8 vacuum bags that include 4 large-sized 28″x 20″ and 4 small-sized 24″x 16″. It is one of the most affordable packs in today’s market being priced at only XX$ in Amazon.

These clear bags with blue and yellow zipper and a blue valve are made of 2-layer composite material (PA&PE) that offers better sealing performance and protects your fabrics from mildew, dust, water and odors. The pack weighs around 15.2 ounces.

The dual-colored smart zipper is really smooth to operate. While closing the zipper, the yellow line would get stuck between the two blue lines indicating that the zipper is properly closed. The zipper creates an airtight environment inside the bag and the special Triple Seal Turbo Valve allows air to be sucked and not re-enter the bag.

Once deflated and shrunk the bags attain the right size to help them arrange neatly in less space. Using these bags also assures you that your clothes will stay safe and fresh. Being made of durable material you can reuse them.

Some of you may be having Coffee Table with Storage, even there you can stack some essentials in these vacuum bags. With these handy vacuum bags now your cabinets will not run out of space. They can help you save space by 77%.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Double-layered zipper
  • Triple Seal Turbo Valve
  • Comes with1-year warranty
  • Made of 2-layer composite material
  • Pack of 8 with 4 medium and 4 small bags
  • Shrinks the clothes to less than 77% of their actual size
  • Some users have complained of faulty seals

#10 TAILI Cube Vacuum Space Saver Bags

TAILI Cube Vacuum Space Saver Bags

When budget is a constraint then you can definitely consider buying this TAILI Cube Vacuum Space Saver Bags that come in a pack of 4 jumbo vacuum bags sized 31x40x15 inch and is priced at only XX$ in Amazon.

These clear bags come with color changeable zippers and a white-colored value. These are made of 70 Microns plastic that gives them the perfect thickness. The bags have a wide bottom that helps you fill stuffs in an upright position thus giving it a box-like shape. There are no stay-on clips or cap required and hence no chances of the clips and caps going missing. The entire pack weighs around 1.5 pounds.

The best part of this product is its 2-in-1 Unique Valve Technology that lets you vacuum the bags just by sitting on them. If you don’t find that method convenient then you can also squeeze out the air inside these bags with the help of any regular vacuum cleaner. This saves you from the trouble of carrying a hand pump while traveling.

The speed of vacuuming is also 3 times faster than any traditional valve. You can compress the volume of the items stored inside to nearly 80%. This helps you to stuff more items in your closets, garages, wardrobes, lofts, basements and suitcases.

These Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags are airtight, watertight and protect your clothes from dust, dirt and odor keeping them fresh long-time.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Reusable
  • Easy to use
  • New 2-in-1 Air Valve Design
  • Pack of 4 jumbo vacuum bags
  • Capable of 80% volume reduction
  • The bags are very thin
  • After a few days, the bags no longer stays compressed

#3 Conclusion

With most of the products having a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in Amazon you can pick almost any of them with your eyes closed as per your requirement. But only purchasing a quality product is not enough, you also need to know some of the basic tips and take care of the item to ensure that it lasts longer.

Though using vacuum storage bags is quite easy, one of the most vital things you should remember here is that anything that you store inside these bags should be absolutely dry. The reason behind this is, even the slightest of moisture will increase the chances of growth of mildews or molds inside the bag.

Another thumb rule of using these vacuum bags is you should not store any sharp objects inside, as this can cause the bag to tear or puncture during the process of vacuuming, transport or storage.


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