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Best Portable Laptop Stands Reviews

Each single day, just after having an experience with your laptop, your back, arms, and neck usually pain, don’t they? These pains are caused by the slouching effect that’s brought about by the wrong working surface. Were you aware of that? I thought you should be. For this reason and even more, you desperately need some ergonomic laptop stand to always keep you in the right posture against your laptop so as to alleviate these effects. However, as the market is also full of a myriad makes of them, it will yet be another uphill battle choosing the right one… and that’s where this godsend review comes in.

I’ve been making rounds in the market, looking for these modern top 10 best laptop stands of 2020, based on a number of factors. Thumb through the list below and you’ll agree with me that these are indeed the best ahead of the rest. Want to learn more about Adobe, Microsoft Office, web development & some business skills? Check out Training Connection here!

#1 Best Portable Laptop Stands Review 2020

#10. Nextstand Laptop Stand

Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable Laptop Stand – PC and MacBook Laptop Stand
1,207 Reviews
Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable Laptop Stand – PC and MacBook Laptop Stand60
  • FITS ALMOST ALL MAKES AND MODELS – Universal fit for almost all laptops 11.6 inches or...
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE WITH 7 SETTINGS – Adjustable laptop stand offering from 5.5 inches to...
  • DURABLE AND STABLE - Made of industrial-grade reinforced nylon and premium metal fittings...

It was difficult to relegate the Nextstand Laptop Stand owing to its admirable cost and features. The ergonomic, portable and adjustable stand fits all. The 8 possible adjustments that can be made using the Nextstand gives you a reason to work for more hours on your laptop.

All laptops are welcome to rest on this stand as it has got a generous keyboard width. I’m talking about more than 11 inches width, which accommodates most if not all the sizes of laptops.

#9. Mulu Adjustable Laptop Stand

Do I need to name the thousands (as if!) of laptop brands and models that can be accommodated by this stand? I’d take the whole day as anything between 11 – 15.6 inches is hosted. Don’t be worried of the price. It is one of the lowly-priced stands you’ll ever meet out there. You save and get away with quality.

You won’t be worried again of the possibility of your laptop tipping off the surface due to this stand’s stable structure. Still on the structure, you can easily fold it into “something small” that occupies very little space during storage.

  • Can bear 5 kilograms of weight
  • Can lift it to 3.15 inches
  • A weight of 0.9 pounds

#8. Bestand Ventilated Aluminium Desktop Stand

Bestand Laptop Stand Ergonomic Aluminum Ventilated Desktop Stand for MacBook Mount & Holder for Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, All Notebooks, Grey (Patented)
101 Reviews
Bestand Laptop Stand Ergonomic Aluminum Ventilated Desktop Stand for MacBook Mount & Holder for Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, All Notebooks, Grey (Patented)60
  • [Unique Honeycomb Design] Bestand laptop stand is made from a single solid piece of...
  • [Ergonomic Design] This MacBook stand raises notebook screen height to eye level for...
  • [ Strong Compatibility] Bestand laptop stand accommodates most sizes of laptop up to 16...

Who doesn’t like beautiful things? I bet everyone does. That’s exactly what you get with a unique honeycomb design of a laptop stand. The Bestand has a sandblasted silver anodized finish that adds up to its beauty.

Everything doesn’t end there. You’ll also say goodbye to the old dangerous posture as you can always adjust this stand to your desired height. Of you need to purchase this item, you don’t have to break the bank.

  • No sliding due to the rubber-grip surface
  • A lot of ventilation for free airflow to cool your laptop
  • The cable pass-through allowance makes your laptop’s stay on the Bestand stand neat.
  • With this stand, even a 17-inch large laptop is accommodated!
  • Comes in a variety of colors

#7. Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand

Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops, Black - Elegant Desktop Stand for laptops
852 Reviews
Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops, Black - Elegant Desktop Stand for laptops60
  • Elevates laptop screen 5.5" while providing valuable desktop real estate for keyboard and...
  • Keeps laptop cool with 360 degrees of air circulation
  • Disassembles easily for travel

Do you need a highly portable ergonomic laptop stand? Then find the Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand. This tool easily disassembles to enhance portability and reduce the space needed for its storage. The stand’s design allows for a 360-degree airflow and that keeps your laptop cool at all times.

Griffin Technology was very keen on the universal health and safety standards while making this stand. You’ll experience no difficulties at all as you use it. It has the best grip to your laptop’s base to avoid losses that can come about as a result of falling off of the machine. Stability is also enhanced with the stand’s large base. Nothing stops you, go for the Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand.

  • You can lift the surface where the laptop settles to 5.5″.
  • Its large breadth (6.2×11×1.6) allows for both your laptop and its mouse.
  • It only weighs 8.8 ounces, making it easy to move the stand about.

#6. Ying Tripod Laptop Stand

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Adjustable Laptop Stand Converter/ 21' Laptop Cozy Desk Aluminum Laptop Table Sit Stand/Lightweight Desktop Sit to Stand in Seconds/Home &Office/Black (Black)
16 Reviews
Height Adjustable Standing Desk Adjustable Laptop Stand Converter/ 21" Laptop Cozy Desk Aluminum Laptop Table Sit Stand/Lightweight Desktop Sit to Stand in Seconds/Home &Office/Black (Black)60
  • KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT AT EYE LEVEL! Have you had enough of small computer standing desk...
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT IN JUST 3 SECONDS! Smartly designed with an AIR PUMP mechanism, this...
  • PERFECT FOR 1000+1 PURPOSES! Smartly designed to serve your changing needs, this...

This is a hardly available multipurpose stand. Besides using it as a laptop stand (which is the function that it suits best), you can as well use it as a DVD player carrier and a highly cozy desk. The Ying Tripod Stand dissipates heat automatically and has no adhesion for water.

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Still on it, really I fell for the fact that this is a sit-stand station. You can always easily adjust the stand to fit a standing or sitting position (4″ to 16″) ~ a feature rarely found in many other Laptop Stands. This stand is 100% risk-free. Asking how? Because of the 100% money back guarantee. What an offer? This is a deal you’ll hardly find in the other companies. It is a go-for option, with a go-for offer.

  • Has a generous surface size of 21″W by 11.4″D
  • The capacity of 27 Kg supports a lot of weight.
  • The stand only weighs 6.6 lbs, which means you can always move it about.
  • The air pump mechanism enhances this stand’s adjustment.

#5. Furinno A6 Aluminum Adjustable VENTED Laptop Stand

Furinno A6-F-Silver Ergonomics Aluminum Vented AdJustable Laptop Tray, Silver
67 Reviews
Furinno A6-F-Silver Ergonomics Aluminum Vented AdJustable Laptop Tray, Silver60
  • Made from 100% Aluminum Alloy for firmness and stylish look
  • Handy Usage: Multiple height and multiple angle adjustment
  • Easy storage and portability; Available in Black, Purple, Silver and Pink

Right at the fifth position is the Furinno A6 Aluminum-made ergonomic laptop stand. I’ve never stumbled upon such a highly adjustable Laptop Stand that can even fit a laidback posture! A capacity of 30 pounds is no joke. It can accommodate every other item that you can use with your laptop or desktop, including the monitor.

The stand is made of Aluminum to enhance firmness and look. We all know the much aluminium shines and is sturdy. Find one of your own and say goodbye to the past hurting experiences.

  • The stand is already assembled and you’ll only need to fold it effortlessly for storage.
  • It is adjustable from 11 to 22 inches.
  • You can use it for studying.
  • Weighs only 4.5 pounds.

#4. Twelve South HiRise Laptop Stand

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook | Height-Adjustable Stand for MacBooks & Laptops
359 Reviews
Twelve South HiRise for MacBook | Height-Adjustable Stand for MacBooks & Laptops60
  • HiRise aligns your MacBook or laptop with an external display for the ultimate dual-screen...
  • Non-slip arms hold and protect all size MacBook's or laptops.
  • Rear piston easily adjusts the height of your MacBook or laptop up to 6 inches for...

Twelve South, the company that’s responsible for making this item, is a popular and loved company that produces durable, beautiful, and quality items of all the time. The HiRise Laptop Stand from Twelve South is one stand that is capable of what most other stands can’t just do. Your MacBook or Laptop will enjoy maximum protection and comfort from this stand. With an effort-free adjustment, you can lift this stand to the height that you feel fits your posture best.

Aluminium is the material used on this windfall of a stand. For that reason, you don’t need to worry about a steady stance and durability. This is a machine that is worth your time and money.

#3. iCraze Vented Laptop Stand

Vented Laptop Stand Riser & Computer Desk - Multifunctional Adjustable Portable Table, Bed Tray with Ergonomic Dual Layer Tabletop Design | Black - Aluminum
1,499 Reviews
Vented Laptop Stand Riser & Computer Desk - Multifunctional Adjustable Portable Table, Bed Tray with Ergonomic Dual Layer Tabletop Design | Black - Aluminum60
  • PORTABLE LAPTOP TABLE - Designed with collapsible legs, this compact laptop stand lets...
  • BUILT-IN COOLER FAN - Prevents your computer from overheating with its unique platform...
  • EASY VIEWING EXPERIENCE - Features a 360 degrees rotation and a joint locking mechanism to...

We now get into the top three zone and at the third position lies the iCraze Laptop Stand ~ a product that is unbeatable when it comes to the number of tasks it can perform and its design. To begin with, be sure that anything that weighs 30 pounds or less can rest on the surface of this stand.

The dual layer tabletop also makes it the most suitable for the busy pals. I love the aluminium that also makes this stand stable, shiny, and light. The price is your friend. So, don’t worry about what you’ll have to pull out from your pocket for it.

  • Usb-powered and silent in-built fans helps your laptop stay cool all the time
  • Adjustable due to the sophisticated joint licking mechanism
  • Can also use the stand for your projector, as a study surface, as a dinner tray, and more

#2. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

Rain Design 10032 mStand Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)
5,894 Reviews
Rain Design 10032 mStand Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)60
  • Raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics (5.9 inches).
  • Single piece aluminum design provides solid stability and acts as a heat sink to cool...
  • The back cable management hole is 2 inches in diameter. Cable organizer behind routes...

Second in command is the Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand. Made of Aluminum and a silver anodized finish, this is the most beautiful stand out there. At the back, the stand had got a cable hole, carefully made to enhance smartness in connectivity. A rare tilt design of the stand’s surface puts your laptop’s screen in a posture that is easy to view.

The stand is made of Aluminum, which gives an idea of how long it lives and strong the product is ~ very long, extremely strong! In 2017, the Rain Design Laptop Stand was able to grab the ‘best pick’ award. However, this didn’t make its price to shoot up, as it always happens with award-winning products. The price is for all.

  • Its got a generous laptop base (10 × 9.3 × 5.9).
  • The machine’s surface grips your laptop base so that it doesn’t fall off.
  • Only weighs 3 pounds.
  • 5.9 inches is the stand’s height, bringing your screen to your eye level in an upright sitting position.

#1. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Desk Stand, 6-Pack
12,464 Reviews
AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Desk Stand, 6-Pack60
  • Ventilated laptop stand helps keep laptops running cooler to help reduce crashes
  • Metal-mesh platform draws heat away from laptop
  • Adjustable height for increased airflow and comfortable reading and typing; adjustable...

At the pinnacle of our selection of top 10 best laptop stands is the highly Adjustable Laptop Stand from AmazonBasics. No stand could prove to be more efficient than this one.

Your laptop will never crash because of heat while resting on this stand. A metal-mesh panel, which has a fine gauge helps in keeping your machine cool, owing to the free flow of air. It is also made with a forward tilt to bring your laptop’s screen closer and to the most fine-tuned angle for better viewing.

A price that would make you think that the retailer isn’t serious about making profits is tagged on this item. It looks expensive but is priced low so that everyone can enjoy the comfort and efficiency. With the AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand, even your laptop’s lifetime is increased due to the high level of safety. The long-lasting stand is what you need for efficiency.

  • Has maximum height of 7.2 inches
  • It has a broad surface that accommodates more than just your laptop.
  • Only weighs 2.4 pounds
  • It’s got a 6-slot cord organizer, which promotes tidiness in the working space.

#1 Portable Laptop Stands Buying Guide

Here they are: Points To Consider Before Purchasing.

Material: After identifying the main use for which you want to acquire your laptop stand, you should know the best material that fits the environment. For example, you may need a light one, which is highly portable. We have such in our list. A heavy duty laptop stand is made of a heavy material, and can do more tasks. We have such in our list, too.

Installation: Assembling, disassembling, folding,… Are some of the installation terms. In our list, we have stands ranging from ones that needs no folding to ones that must be assembled/disassembled to use/store respectively.

Price: Who doesn’t need to save some cash? Absolutely everyone needs to. That’s why we made prices our first priority when making the list. Be sure that you can always afford all the stands in the list.

#3 Conclusion

You certainly have the top 10 premier laptop stands of 2020 and of all time! It’s time you go old school with your lap, desk, and/or the other surfaces that used to make you sick each time you needed comfort. Enjoy your new catch! Good luck pals!


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