TOP 10 Best Mosquito Rackets to Buy in 2019


Best Mosquito Rackets Reviews

TOP 10 Best Mosquito Rackets in 2019 Reviews : Most species of mosquitoes are vectors for diseases. For instance, the female Anopheles species transmit malaria, which is one of the deadliest diseases across the globe. Also, there are Culex species that are responsible for transmitting arboviral diseases such as Zika virus, dengue fever, and yellow fever, among others. While these diseases can be cured, prevention will always be better than cure.

And the best way to make sure you and your family are safe from malaria and other diseases is to go for a mosquito racket. These bug killers do not use any chemicals to kill mosquitoes; hence, they are healthy as well as safe to the environment. They use electricity to kill mosquitoes, meaning they are really effective. Without further ado, let’s check out the following top 10 best mosquito rackets reviews to know which one you should bring home.

#1 Best Mosquito Rackets Reviews 2019

#1 Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Mosquito Swatter

Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Mosquito SwatterUsing this mosquito racket is extremely easy. Well, simply press the button and then swing. Once a bug, fly or wasp touches the screen, it will be zapped instantly. The mosquito swatter has a great build quality that makes it great for use at home, in the office, during barbecuing or on a camping trip. With it, no flying bug will bother you. It has a positive on and off button, which, in turn, features an LED warning light. It also boasts top quality electronics that have been tested to more than 100,000 Zaps. It is fully CE approved and meets UK Trading standards to give you peace of mind knowing that it is safe to use and of very high quality. The material used to make it is ABS plastic, which is strong enough to ensure endless performance.

#2 ELUCTO Large Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter

ELUCTO Large Electric Bug Zapper Fly SwatterBugs should not be a menace in your living space. That’s why we encourage you to get the ELUCTO Large Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter. It is a highly powerful and reliable mosquito killer that everyone should consider. It zaps flies or insects in just one swat, making it an effective solution for reminding bugs who’s the boss. It comes with two Duracell batteries that eliminate the need to charge it. Once you have received it, simply place the battery inside and you are good to go. And should the batteries run out of power, you can always replace them with new ones. Besides, this mosquito racket is super easy to clean because of its single layer design that prevents flying insects from getting caught inside. It comes with a 1-year full warranty to protect against any defects and workmanship.


  • Customer service is impressive
  • Comes with the required batteries
  • The lack of a mesh wire over the zapping wire makes it even better
  • The zapping wires are not flimsy
  • The size is nice and maneuverable


  • The power could be much stronger to kill flies instantly

#3 Koramzi F-4 Electric Mosquito Swatter Racket

Koramzi F-4 Electric Mosquito Swatter RacketA single swing is all you need to kill a pesky bug bothering you or your family. Well, to achieve that, you need the Koramzi Mosquito Racket. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor, meaning you can always drop flies dead anywhere at any time. It kills mosquitoes, bugs, and wasps to provide you with a safe environment to live in. Although it is very dangerous to insects and bugs, the mosquito racket is totally safe for humans and pets. It features a notifying light that eliminates the guesswork of knowing whether it is on and working. The notifying light also makes it totally safe to use. Ideally, the unit has an ON button that when pressed, lights up a red light. The light will let you know that the mosquito racket is ready for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Has a red button that eliminates guesswork
  • The price is very competitive
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • The outer mesh does not shock; hence, safe to the touch
  • Holds up well to frequent use


  • The clasp for batteries is quite fragile

#4 ZAP IT! Rechargeable Mosquito, Fly Killer, and Bug Zapper Racket (Twin Mini)

ZAP IT! Rechargeable Mosquito, Fly Killer, and Bug Zapper Racket (Twin Mini)These rechargeable mosquito rackets are the best-selling zappers of ZAP IT! Each of them has a powerful 4,000-volt grid, which enables it to kill bugs instantly. The mosquito rackets also boast ultra-fast USB charging technology that will let you charge them quickly and efficiently. Once they are charged, they will work swiftly to make sure that those annoying, swarming bugs are a thing of the past. They are 24-hour fly killers that come equipped with a super bright LED light, so you can use them either during the day or at night. Ideally, the mosquito rackets are built with safety in mind. They have a triple-layer safety mesh that makes them safe to the touch even while they are electrified. These mosquito rackets come with a 100-percent lifetime replacement guarantee to give you peace of mind during use.

#5 AOWOTO Plug in Electric Mosquito Racket with Battery

5. AOWOTO Plug in Electric Mosquito Racket with BatteryThe AOWOTO Plug in Electric Mosquito Racket is furnished with one piece of 4-volt premium rechargeable batteries. The batteries can be recharged for 500+ times. Well, they make the mosquito racket highly reliable as well as professional enough to get rid of bugs or flies in a single swat. Additionally, the mosquito racket has large 3-layer racket power grids that enable it to kill mosquito efficiently and fast. It is very easy to use, given that it works after manual activation. The mosquito racket also comes equipped with an LED lamp that when turned on will let you see flies more clearly. It is a healthy and safe insect killer that will not destroy the environment like those brands, which emit toxic fumes to the surrounding. Moreover, its versatility makes it great for use both indoors and outdoors.


  • Works great at killing mosquitoes
  • Great for the price
  • Lightweight and has a decent size
  • The seller is super responsive and very helpful
  • Most bugs die instantly


  • The build quality is not the greatest

#6 Beastron Bug Zapper Rechargeable Mosquito Fly Killer (2 Pack)

Beastron Bug Zapper Rechargeable Mosquito Fly Killer (2 Pack)With a powerful grid of 3000 volts, the Beastron Bug Zapper Rechargeable Mosquito Fly Killers promise to kill bugs in no time. They work great to transform you from the hunted to the hunter. They have a comfortable, smooth and practical design to allow you to put pesky bugs to their place. They come equipped with an LED light to make sure that hunting adventure never stops even when darkness threatens to engulf your living space. Besides, these mosquito rackets are full sized to give you a higher success rate at killing bugs. They come with a USB rechargeable plug to make sure you are able to charge them should their power start to become weaker. Hunting down mosquitoes has never been this fun; thanks to these mosquito rackets.


  • Decently light in weight
  • The mosquito rackets come with a cord
  • Extremely easy to use
  • They charge fast and last long enough
  • The large surface makes it hard to miss the target


  • They give off a smell like hair burning, but they kill bugs right away

#7 Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper, Black

Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper, BlackBlack Flag knows that bugs are some of the most annoying pests one can ever have in their home. That’s why they bring you this handheld bug zapper. It measures 1 inch long by 8.75 inches wide by 19.25 inches. It, therefore, has the perfect size to get the job done. It uses 2 AA batteries (not included); thus, it is always ready for use. Moreover, the mosquito racket comes equipped with an LED light to let you know when it is ready to start killing bugs. Its handheld design means you will have totally zero problems handling it. There is also a convenient hanging hook that makes the mosquito racket easy to store. The mosquito racket delivers 2750 volts, which are enough to kill mosquitoes, yellow jackets, spiders, wasps, and biting insects.


  • Efficient and quite safe for pets
  • The construction feels pretty good
  • One set of batteries last really long
  • Arrives in no time and it is easy to use
  • Great deal for the price


  • It seems to stun flies instead of killing them. So, be sure to land a killer blow once a fly drops down.

#8 Ostad 3000 Volt Electric Fly Swatter

Ostad 3000 Volt Electric Fly SwatterThis fly swatter from Ostad can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to kill all flying insects, including wasps, horseflies, gnats, mosquitoes, spiders, ladybugs, bees, and more. It is easy to use, so you can kill as many insects as possible. With it in your house, no insect will ever bother you. To use it, simply press the button on the handle while you are swinging and it will catch the bugs, making sure they are electrocuted to death. The mosquito racket is environmentally friendly and makes a great alternative to toxic bug sprays. Its 3000 volts mean it will not tolerate bugs flying around your house. The mosquito racket comes in two sizes (1 and 2) to choose from. And it is made of a long-lasting ABS material, which is sturdy enough to withstand daily use.

#9 Koramzi F-10 Electric Mosquito Swatter/Bug Zapper (Newest Model)

Koramzi F-10 Electric Mosquito Swatter/Bug Zapper (Newest Model)When this mosquito racket makes a single contact with a mosquito, it will kill it instantly. This is because it is packed with a powerful battery that produces 2600 volts to kill all insects effectively. The battery is a lithium type, and its capacity is 600mAh. What’s more, it can be recharged over 600 times. Well, this means the battery is economical and convenient. The two external layers of this mosquito racket are safe for both humans and pets. In other words, they will protect you and your pets from accidental low power shock. The mosquito racket also features a powerful front LED light that will let you target insects whether they are indoors or outdoors. The light improves kill rate and user satisfaction. This fly killer comes with a lifetime warranty and a USB cable.


  • Has two flashlights and works as described
  • Charge holds for a long time
  • Provides a fun way to kill flying insects
  • Great for killing gnats and mosquitoes
  • Recharges with a USB cord that comes with it


  • The handle leaves a lot to be desired

#10 KORAMZI F-5 Electric Mosquito Swatter

KORAMZI F-5 Electric Mosquito SwatterMosquito bites will be no more when you have this mosquito racket from KORAMZI. It is very innovative; hence, will kill mosquitoes and other flying insects in no time. By so doing, the mosquito racket will allow you to have a great moment outdoors. It also features a compact design that makes it easy to carry around and to use. It is incredibly comfortable, meaning you can use it for a long period without any discomfort. Using it is extremely simple, as all you need to do is to swing it in the direction of the bugs while holding down the activation button. The mosquito racket has a notifying LED light, which ensures safe handling. The light is red and will let you know when the racket is ready for indoors and outdoors use. To activate the light, simply press the ON button.


  • Safe to humans and the environment
  • Offers a fun way to get rid of bugs
  • Makes days and nights peaceful with no bugs to bother you
  • Works great at zapping big bugs
  • The price is unbeatable


  • The quality could be better

#2 Conclusion

Killing mosquitoes using these mosquito rackets sounds fun. Imagine swinging the rackets toward those pesky bugs and a distinctive “pop” sound is produced to notify you that one of these tiny ill-minded guys is down and out, quite exciting right? It will kind of encourage you to go all out for them.


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