TOP 10 Best Metric Tape Measures to Buy in 2020


Metric tape measures are a must-have for professionals, stay-at-home moms, weekend warriors etc. They are well designed, with most of them having large numbers, so you can easily get your measurements. In addition, metric tape measures are very accurate, and this makes them the go-to tool for both DIY projects and industrial applications. A good number of them also boast advanced ergonomics to allow you to use them for prolonged periods without fatigue. Besides, most metric tape measures have pocket-sized designs to let you carry them everywhere you go and use them at any time. In the following top 10 best metric tape measures reviews, we have narrowed down on the best models to make it much easier to find one that will perfectly suit your needs. Take a look!

#1 Best Metric Tape Measures Reviews 2020

#1 Komelon 6622IM Tape Measure Inch/Metric Scale

Komelon 6622IM Tape Measure Inch/Metric ScaleYour long measuring needs require the Komelon 6622IM Metric Tape Measure. It is designed with versatility in mind in the sense that it does not just provide measurements in metrics but also offers them in inches. Besides, it is built to last, and this can be justified by the heavy-duty ABS frame that can stand up to any abuse. It also has a double coated fiberglass blade that is waterproof and dirt resistant for solid performance. The coating also offers protection against mechanical and chemical abrasion. Other features of this metric tape measure are a versatile ring end hook and claw, which come with a two-color blade. This tool is perfect for a jobsite or an athletic field. What’s more, it comes in a variety of sizes, including 200ft, 100ft, and 300ft.

Stanley 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape (33-425)Stanley has a rich history that dates back to 1843. That’s why we are very proud to review this metric tape measure. It is a 25-foot by 1-inch measuring tape, meaning you can use it for a wide range of applications. Given its versatility, the tape measure makes a great purchase for weekend warriors and professionals. It has two high performance features that make it one of the best in the market. One of these features is the blade, which is coated with mylar, so it can easily overcome abrasion, which is normally as a result of repeated use. Another feature is the patented Tru-Zero hook that doubles as a pivot for drawing arcs and circles. Also, this tape measure comes equipped with a heat-treated spring to increase its lifespan.


  • Seems to hold up really well
  • Ideal for people who do a lot of measuring
  • Seems to be of wonderful quality
  • The price is good
  • Big enough to take on lots of tasks but small enough to keep in the pocket


  • The measurements are slightly harder to read

#3 Komelon SM5425 1-Inch x 25-Ft White Measuring Tape

Komelon SM5425 1-Inch x 25-Ft White Measuring TapeMost metric tape measures are substandard when compared to the Komelon SM5425 White Measuring Tape. This is because the tape measure has a classic design that was invented way back in 1999. The revolutionary design features Speed Mark fractional graduations on the blade. Another feature that makes this metric tape measure stand out is the easy grip, thick rubber jacket, which surrounds the ergonomic case. With that said, expect to have an easy time using the tape measure. The blade of this measuring tape is acrylic coated and boasts fractional graduation for quick and easy reading of the measurements. Although the blade is white, it is non-glare to eliminate eyestrains. The tape is affordable and very well made for 100-percent customer satisfaction. Moreover, it comes in two sizes; 16ft and 25ft.


  • The fractions are easy to read
  • Accurate and works great
  • Costs much less than most brands with similar features
  • Appears to hold up remarkably well
  • The white color enhances the visual appeal of the tape


  • Most women find it quite hard to use because it is heavy

#4 Kutir Inches, Imperial and Metric Tape Measure – 25 Foot

Kutir Inches, Imperial and Metric Tape Measure - 25 FootThere are some tools that should not miss from your household or workplace. We are talking of this metric tape measure. It makes a wonderful purchase for survivalists, stay-at-home moms, constructors, engineers, and weekend warriors. The numbers on the blade of this tape measure are bold and large to make sure you have zero problems reading them. Furthermore, they are very accurate, making the tape measure the perfect tool for carpentry, building, and DIY projects, among others. In fact, this tape is so accurate that it was awarded certification from M.I.D for accuracy. Furthermore, it measures in both metrics and inches, so you can use it for all tasks. Another standout feature the tape measure has is a magnetic hook that will let you get a proper measurement without a hassle.

#5 Magnelex 16-Foot (5m) Inches and Metric Tape Measure

Magnelex 16-Foot (5m) Inches and Metric Tape MeasureMagnelex likes it when its customers are 100-percent satisfied. That’s why they back this inches and metric tape measure with a 100-percent money-back guarantee. This means should you be unimpressed with the tool then Magnelex will be more than happy to refund you fully. There is also a lifetime warranty because the manufacturer believes that the tape measure will last for years. As if that’s not enough, this metric measuring tape is CE certified and meets MID standards set by the respected Measuring Instruments Directive. The stop button of this tape measure is powerful enough to hold it tightly in order to allow you to get your measurements with much ease. This measuring tape also features a smooth internal mechanism that enables it to recoil effortlessly and reliably after every use.


  • The internal mechanism works unbelievably smoothly
  • The purchase experience is great
  • Reads both in metric and inches
  • Numbers are on a bright background for easy reading
  • The lock holds firmly


  • The quality could be better

#6 DiCUNO 60-Inch 1.5 Meter Tape Measure (3 Colors Package with Soft Tape)

DiCUNO 60-Inch 1.5 Meter Tape Measure (3 Colors Package with Soft Tape)These tape measures boast a wide application such as sewing, keeping fit, and, of course, measuring. Their width is 0.275” (0.7cm) and their external size is 1.9 inches x 0.47/5.0 x 1.2 cm (D*T). Besides, these measuring tapes weigh just 20 grams. Well, this means they are highly portable, and, therefore, can be carried and used anywhere. In addition, the tape measures have an impressive measuring range of 0 – 60 inches (0 – 150cm). They also have accurate printings in both centimeters and inches, so you can always have an easy time getting the measurements you want. The tapes are easy to use, and that’s because of a push-button mechanism. Once you are done using them, simply push the button and they will retract smoothly.


  • Super affordable and appear to be of great quality
  • They retract quickly every time
  • The tapes work as advertised
  • Small and easy to use with crochet projects
  • Available in an assortment of colors


  • Not the sturdiest, but they get the job done

#7 Perfect Pi Diameter Circumference Tape Measure

Perfect Pi Diameter Circumference Tape MeasureA company that has been making metric tape measures since 1912 should not be taken for granted. We are talking about Perfect Measuring Company that has a lot of experience under their belts. That being said, their measuring tape has all the features that are there in top quality brands. For instance, it has a reflective, aluminum rotating wheel brake to improve its visibility as well as to ensure effortless retract control. The tape measure also has a pocket-sized design, and it is flexible, so you can easily carry it in your pocket and use it anywhere. The numbers on the tape are super large and are on a high contrast white background to allow you to read them easily. The tape measure has an ABS housing as well as an aluminum casing. For this reason, expect it to be one of the most durable tape measures on the market. The well-thought-out construction also makes this tape shock resistant.

#8 MICMI A80 Multipurpose Tape Measure (Laser level)

MICMI A80 Multipurpose Tape Measure (Laser level)Most people buy this tape measure because of its convenience. Talking of convenience; the tape measure comes with three AG 13 button-cells battery simply to make sure you keep going. It is an 8-foot metric tape measure that also has imperial measurements. Its graduations are precise for maximum accuracy. What’s more, it is plug-and-play, meaning it is very easy to use. Its plug-and-play design also makes it possible to carry it and use it wherever you want. The manufacturer has equipped it with a 3-pronged approach, which features a NEW laser level, a triple positioned leveling bubble, and a fine-tuned tape measure to let you get maximum results much faster than expected. This tool is a major improvement from all its predecessors. And that’s because it features the latest multipronged measurements technology.


  • Inexpensive yet works very well
  • Seems to work on all projects – small and large
  • Unbelievably very accurate for exceptional results
  • The price is competitive
  • Makes a nice gift for a homeowner


  • Comes with no instructions on how to handle it

#9 Stanley 33-726 8m/26-Feet Metric/Fractional Tape Rule

Stanley 33-726 8m/26-Feet Metric/Fractional Tape RuleStanley is known across the globe for their excellent job of constantly improving the performance of metric tape measures. It is, therefore, unsurprising that this metric/fractional tape rule has made it to this list. It is made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty that protects against the unfortunate. It is well made, and this can be seen through a feature like a heat-treated spring that offers long life as well as allowing the blade to recoil smoothly and effortlessly. Another feature which proves that this metric tape measure is built to last is Mylar polyester film, which extends the life of the entire blade. The measuring tape measures 1-1/4-inch by 26-feet, which is a good size.


  • The metric markings are very useful for precision work
  • Great for projects that require high precision
  • Heavy duty and has a non-slip bottom
  • Feels like it will last forever
  • The spring is quite strong


  • The locking mechanism tends to stick – does not work very smoothly

#10 Lufkin L1025B 1-3/16” x 25’ Black Dual Sided Tape Measure

Lufkin L1025B 1-3/16” x 25’ Black Dual Sided Tape MeasureLufkin is like any other leading company in the world. It has been making precise measurement tools for professionals and DIY enthusiasts for more than a century! One of the tools that it produces is the L1025B metric tape measure that deserves a place in these reviews. It is packed with a number of great features to give you the best experience ever. Its numbers are easy to read in many different lighting conditions because of the high contrast green markings on both sides. Besides, this measuring tape is backed by a limited lifetime warranty because the manufacturer is 100-percent certain that it is of great quality. The tool also boasts advanced ergonomics to let you use it for hours without fatigue. The tape is available in two colors; Original Version and Limited Edition.


  • Markings can be seen at a glance
  • Endures up well to frequent uses
  • Very comfortable in the hand
  • Looks great and works as expected
  • Both sides are marked for easy use

#2 Conclusion

Let’s face it, finding the best metric tape measure is not a walk in the park. This is because most manufacturers focus so much on measuring tapes with inch graduation that they overlook the metric graduation. Fortunately, we have done adequate research on the topic; hence, we are positive that the tool you are looking for is right here on this page.


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