TOP 10 Best Mermaid Blankets to Buy in 2020


On watching the mermaids in the movies and cartoon shows not only the little girls but also some adults fancy the interesting look of the mermaids and want to be dressed similarly at some point of time in their life. It is true they can take the place of real mermaids but surely can check out some of the Best Mermaid Blankets available in the market to give their imagination a realistic look.

When you come home after a long day at work nothing can be more comfortable than snuggling up to a super soft mermaid tail blanket. Cuddling into a mermaid tail blanket not only keeps you warm in the winters but also take you to the fantasy world. In this guide, we have listed down ten Best Mermaid Blankets that you can consider purchasing to make your dream come true.

Best Mermaid Blankets Reviews

#1 Things to Consider before Buying Best Mermaid Blankets

Purchasing one of the Best Mermaid Tail Blankets is not an easy task. For that you need to actually scrutinize the features and pick the most functional product that will serve your purpose:

The Material – The material decides its strength, quality and durability. Some of the materials you can consider are cotton, polyester, Orlon, etc.

Variety of colors – Since mermaid blankets are a favorite amongst the kids most brands are available in a variety of colors so that you can choose as per their preference. You will also come across multi-colored Child Mermaid Tail Blankets that your kid will love to own.

Size – Choosing the right size is also important as per the size of the person who would be using it to get the exact fit.

Durability – When we talk of durability, hand-knitted products are known to be more durable compared to the rest. The material also plays a vital role in judging the durability.

Look – If you are buying it for your little girl or as a gift for any of her friends go for a Mermaid Tail Blankets Pattern that will make them look like a princess. They would love to own such a piece.

All season – There are mermaid blankets designed separately for summers and winters. But you will also come across flexible products that can be all seasons and proves to be handy.

Washing instructions – Always pick a mermaid blanket that is easily washable thus easy to maintain.

Price – Depending on the materials, designs, quality and size the prices of these blankets also vary. But there a variety of choices so you should go for one that is affordable yet functional.

#2 Best Mermaid Blankets Reviews 2020

#1 JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids Adult

JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids Adult

If you are in search of a lovely gift for your little darling, then order this JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket which is designed for 3 to 8 years old girls.

This hand-knitted crocheted purple-colored mermaid blanket is made of 70% cotton and 30% acrylic that makes it extremely soft and comfortable. It comes in a moderate size of 9.5 x 9.2 x 1.5 inches and weighs around 12 ounces.

The back and bottom of the mermaid blanket being open allows your kid to easily slip in and out. The warm and soft wool used to knit the blanket keeps your kid warm and cozy. The exciting part of this item is it also includes a mermaid pendant necklace that your little one will be excited to wear.

It is one of the best things a girl would love to own which she can use while relaxing on the couch sofa, in bed, car and also carry to the sleepovers, camping, etc.

If your girl is fond of Purple Mermaid Blankets, then order this amazing product today. It is one of the most sought-after Mermaid Tail Blankets for Kids which can be a great gift on Birthdays, Christmas, Preschool gifts, etc.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to slip in design
  • Has multi-purpose use
  • Made of super soft material
  • Being lightweight can be used all round the year
  • Includes a mermaid pendant necklace and a casual backpack
  • The material doesn’t stretch enough to fit
  • The material being thin does not keep you super warm
  • The opening at the bottom does not keep your feet warm

#2 LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket

When you are in search of one of the lightweight and soft Mermaid Tail Blankets for yourself then get home this LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket for adults today. It weighs only 8 ounces and is highly manageable.

This soft and luxurious piece of mermaid blanket is made of orlon 70% and cotton 30%. The crotched fibers make it soft, durable and breathable. It comes in a soothing mint-green shade. Its dimension is 13.9 x 11.3 x 2.1 inches.

It features an open back and bottom design that makes it easy to fit in. Being soft and lightweight you can use in all-season. You can even snuggle in it in summer, autumn or spring to keep yourself warm in an air-conditioned room. The pack includes a casual backpack with our brand logo and adjustable straps along with a beautiful silver-colored mermaid necklace that makes it a must-have.

Caring for this crocheted mermaid blanket is really easy all you need to do is wash it separately in the machine at a low temperature and tumble dry. So, this amazing cozy blanket can be a great gift for yourself or your friends on any special occasion.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight and durable
  • You can use it in every season
  • Made of soft and breathable material
  • Includes a backpack and a mermaid necklace
  • To retain its luster you need to wash it separately

#3 AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket

AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket

Is your daughter allergic to most blankets then get her this AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket. The cotton and acrylic materials it is made of eco-friendly and skin-friendly without any allergies.

This Mermaid Tail Blankets Crocheted Blanket comes in an attractive rainbow color that kids would love. The crochet style weaving pattern makes it much more elegant and sophisticated than those machine-made blankets. It measures around 14 x 10.4 x 1.4 inches and weighs about 11.2 ounces.

The back and bottom opening makes it easy to get in and come out. Apart from a blanket it also acts as a perfect sleeping bag. Not only in winters like most other Mermaid Tail Blankets let your kid snuggle into this one even on hot summer days to protect themselves from the chills of the air-conditioner.

The Sequin Mermaid Keychain that comes along with the blanket makes it even more attractive to your little angel. This mermaid tail blanket works perfectly for sleepovers, bed, camping or car trips.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to get in design
  • Can be used in almost all seasons
  • Includes a Sequin Mermaid Keychain
  • Made of eco-friendly and skin-friendly material
  • NA

#4 DDMY Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet Mermaid Blankets

DDMY Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet Mermaid Blankets

Many girls dream of being a mermaid somewhere deep down in their hearts. Gift this Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket by DDMY to your lady love which can be your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mom or even your grandma to show how much you care for them. The size of 12.5 x 9.8 x 3.6 inches proves that this blanket is long enough to fit in kids as well as adults.

This hand-knitted crochet blanket comes in a soft mint green shade. It is made of soft, comfortable and breathable fabric that makes it perfect for all seasons. The knitted design gives it a classy and pretty look. The blanket weighs around 1.25 pounds.

It features a back and bottom closed design that keeps you warm inside. It is one of those special Mermaid Tail Blankets that promises to keep you comfortable in all seasons.
This hand-made masterpiece will surely make anyone feel like a goddess of the sea. At times you can also consider Knitting Mermaid Blankets at home by following the simple videos.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Perfect for kids, teenagers and also adults
  • Hand-made crochet blanket made with extreme care
  • The breathable fabric makes it perfect for all-seasons
  • The tail portion is a bit small for women of almost all age to fit

#5 LANGRIA Mermaid Blanket

LANGRIA Mermaid Blanket

Who said Pink Mermaid Blankets are only a favorite of little girls even adult girls love this soft shade. This large-sized LANGRIA Mermaid Blanket is a great gifting ideal for the adult girls or women.

This pink mermaid tail blanket is made of 100% soft polyester fabric. This flannel blanket features sequin-like detailing to give the realistic scales finish. This fabric is super soft and delicate on your skin. It measures around 60 x 1 x 25 inches and is 1 pound in weight.

The blanket is warm enough to keep you warm on chilly nights and at the same time comfortable enough to be used in the AC rooms on hot summer days. It is machine washable. Just fold and keep it aside like any regular blanket when not in use.

The well-thought design of this mermaid tail blanket would be able to satisfy your girl’s, girlfriend’s or wife’s lifelong dream of seeing herself as the character Ariel from the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”. The rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in Amazon makes it one of the Best Mermaid Blankets every girl would love to own.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Skin-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Designed for adults
  • Can be used all-season
  • Made of soft polyester fabric with real scale-like details
  • A little expensive

#6 PixieCrush Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

PixieCrush Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

Replace your typical blanket with this bright and attractive multi-colored Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids from the house of PixieCrush. It is one of the most stylish throw blankets that you would ever come across.

This super-soft mermaid blanket is made of extra-thick fleece material that helps in retaining the heat in your kid’s body. The combination of the cheerful colors pink, blue, coral, purple gives it an appealing look.

The advanced seam-sealed double stitching makes it highly durable. The size of the kid’s blanket is 8 x 6 x 3 inches and it weighs around 10.4 ounces.

The opened bottom and back design let your little one to easily wrap into it. Use it even in the hot summer days it keeps their feet warm in an air-conditioned room. This mermaid tail blanket is easy to clean and requires hardly any maintenance.

It is one of the coolest mermaid tail blanket designed for your little one. They can take it along wherever they go and stay cozy yet stylish. The rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars in Amazon makes it one of the Best Mermaid Blankets today. To add some fun to your bedtime you can also try ordering a set of Family Matching Pajamas.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Colorful and attractive
  • Made of super-soft fleece material
  • Reinforced stitches add to its durability
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee policy
  • Open design makes it easy to slip in and get out
  • The shape is a little odd
  • The material quality is not that good

#7 Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket

Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket

If it is any of the reasonably-priced Mermaid Tail Blankets that you are looking for, then check out this Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket that is priced at only XX.XX$ in Amazon.

It comes in a wonderfully soothing combination of light purple and sky blue. It is made from ultra-soft comfy velveteen that keeps you cozy, warm and cuddly. It has a dimension of 54 x 28 x 0.9 inches and weighs around 11.4 ounces.

Since it keeps your hands free, you can easily read, play games, eat, text and do a lot more things without having to get out of the blanket. It acts as a sleeping bag that works perfectly for relaxing at home, during car rides, outdoors, or sleepover parties. All you need to do is simply slip into it and transform yourself into an enchanted purple mermaid.

Not only bedtimes, but meal-time is also equally important for babies, so check out some of the cute Food Seats for Babies to develop in them interest while having food.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Multi-purpose use
  • Affordably priced
  • Made from ultra-soft velveteen
  • Poor quality material
  • The seams tend to come off

#8 LAGHCAT Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet Mermaid Blanket

Pamper yourself this winters with this exclusive luxurious Crochet Mermaid Blankets for Adult brought to you by LAGHCAT.

This blue-colored soft and comfortable blanket is made of 70% orlon and 30% cotton. These two materials are mixed in the right proportions to give it the best texture. The size of the blanket is 9.5 x 9.2 x 1.5 inches and it weighs around 1.15 pounds.

The handwoven crochet stitch gives it a classy look. Stay warm and comfortable all seasons in this soft and cozy blanket. The back and bottom open design helps you easily get in and come out of the blanket. It can be easily machine washed separately at a low temperature and tumble dried.

Something you will love about this product is that it comes with an attractive silver color necklace and a casual daypack that proves to be really handy. The fact that it has been reviewed by 5785 customers in Amazon and the rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars makes it one of the Best Mermaid Blankets.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Can be machine washed
  • Back and bottom open design
  • Made of 70% orlon and 30% cotton
  • The pack includes a silver color necklace and a casual daypack
  • NA

#9 SOFTAN Mermaid Tail Blanket for Adults

SOFTAN Mermaid Tail Blanket for Adults

Why should adults miss all the fun? This SOFTAN Mermaid Tail Blanket is designed especially for the grown-ups.

This mermaid tail blanket is made from extra thick flannel fleece material that keeps you extra warm and comfortable. Its soft shade of sky-blue and baby pink automatically relaxes your body and mind.

The ombre fish scale design gives it the look of a real beautiful mermaid. The plush is even more than a polar bear. This lightweight adult blanket weighs around 15.8 ounces and its size is 60 x 25 x 1 inche.

The Advanced double stitches ensure its durability. One good thing about this material is it is dyed with fade-resistant color for long-lasting shine. The blanket can be easily machine washed in cold water.

You can comfortably stretch your feet in the warm space in the tail area and wrap your legs and feet inside it. It can prove to be a perfect companion on the couch while watching TV or for your favorite nap time. The rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars makes it one of the Best Mermaid Blankets for adults you will come across.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Dyed with fade-resistant color
  • All-season multipurpose product
  • Double stitching adds to its durability
  • Made of extra-thick flannel fleece material
  • The material is of poor quality

#10 Catalonia Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket

Catalonia Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket

Get your girl this exclusive Toddler Mermaid Blankets by Catalonia on any of the special occasions like her birthday, Christmas, New Year or simply as a holiday gift.

It is made of super-soft 250gsm polyester that offers it a soft touch and is perfect for keeping your child warm.

It comes in a soothing combination of pink and blue that your kid will love to own. Its dimension is 13.4 x 11.6 x 3.6 inches and it weighs around 1 pound.

The realistic scale pattern on the outer part of the sleeping bag lets your kid’s imagination run wild as they snuggle into this. This ultra-soft throw blanket ensures that your little one gets some good sleep.

Even if the other person in the room has kept the reading lights on, with the Sleep Mask included in this pack you can comfortably go off to sleep by wearing it on your eyes.

This blanket has multi-purpose uses like while relaxing on the couch, in bed, in the car, for camping, sleepovers, etc. The 4.5 score it has attained out of 5 stars in Amazon makes it one of the Best Mermaid Blankets.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a sleep mask
  • Made of super-soft 250gsm polyester
  • Printed scale patterns give a realistic feel
  • Provides ultimate comfort and warmth
  • NA

#3 Conclusion

Now that you have already gone through the guide, purchasing a mermaid tail blanket shouldn’t be difficult anymore. From the list of products check the one that your kid will simply love and grab it immediately.

Remember mermaid blankets should be used while relaxing in a still position and not while walking or running around. To ensure that the items last long always carefully follow the washing instructions given.

These mermaid tail blankets also prove to be an excellent gift item for those little princesses or even adults in some cases. So, order your item today and bring a smile on the face of the person you are gifting.


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