TOP 10 Best Infuser Water Bottles to Buy in 2020


TOP 10 Best Infuser Water Bottles to Buy in 2020 : Very few people drink the right amount of water on a daily basis. And there are a lot of reasons why this is happening. One of these reasons is that plain water has no taste, making it difficult to drink constantly. Well, to help resolve this, some manufacturers have come up with an innovative way, which is to supply their customers with top quality infuser water bottles. These creative bottles provide you with a great way to make your water delicious and great for drinking. They allow you to infuse your water with fruits, vegetables or herbs, so you can enjoy your sip up to the last drop. Go through the following top 10 best infuser water bottles reviews to see the products we would like you to buy.

#1 Best Infuser Water Bottles Reviews 2020

#1. Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles – 32 oz.

Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles - 32 oz.Live Infinitely was started with you in mind. And that’s why its infuser water bottles have claimed the number one spot in these reviews. They have increased the capacity of these bottles to 32oz. and included amazing features such as dual no-slip grips and thumb-releasing, innovative flip-top lid. Live Infinitely has also designed these infuser water bottles with full-length infuser rods to ensure that your water is flavored to the very last sip. The bottles are made of quality TRITAN that is FDA-approved, leak-proof, and BPA-free. They are sports water bottles; hence, every time you are on the go, they should be the first to carry along. The 100-percent satisfaction guarantee means these water bottles are safe to spend money on because the Live Infinitely fully stands behind them.

#2 Infusion Pro2 Pack or 1 Pack Infused Water Bottle

Infusion Pro2 Pack or 1 Pack Infused Water BottleInfusion Pro is a family-owned company that considers customer service as a top priority. Their premium fruit infused water bottle is doing great on the market based on the high ratings and several customer reviews. It’s even backed by a lifetime guarantee, and this is further proof that it is of great quality. To ensure that it does not leak, the water bottle features a gasket (rings) on both top and bottom screws on the lid. You will, therefore, be able to carry it with peace of mind knowing that it will not leak and mess you up. It is a highly versatile infused water bottle that you can use in the kitchen, at home, during sports activities, during outdoor adventures, or when you are at work.


  • Easy to fill, drink, and clean
  • The leak-proof feature works well
  • The infusion basket is at the bottom, making sure your water is constantly being flavored
  • The rubbery sleeve keeps the water cold
  • Easy to take apart and re-assemble


  • Not everyone likes the flip cap design

#3 Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 32 Oz

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 32 OzDrinking infused water during an outdoor adventure is great. And to make it even better, you need a top quality infuser water bottle like the Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. Its large 32-ounce capacity combines with the full-length infuser basket to make sure you enjoy great flavor to the last drop. Ideally, the infuser water bottle boasts a new timeline feature that allows you to easily track your daily water intake as well as to adopt a healthy hydration habit proven to facilitate weight loss, increase your energy level, detox, and leave you feeling more rejuvenated than ever. Like other infuser water bottles from Hydracy, this one comes with its own sweat proof insulative cover to prevent it from having condensation on its outer walls. Needless to say, you will carry it in your bag with peace of mind knowing the last thing that will happen is open the bag and find everything in a mess.


  • Holds a large amount of water
  • The size of the infuser is great
  • Comes packaged nicely to protect it from potential damages during shipping
  • Comes with a nice labeled box, which is great for those buying it as a gift
  • The plastic ring on the side allows you to carry the bottle with one finger


  • The inside part the infuser screws onto is quite hard to get out of the bottle during the cleanup

#4 AquaFrut 32 OZ Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

AquaFrut 32 OZ Fruit Infuser Water BottleAquaFrut has improved this fruit infuser water bottle. Best of all, they have done that without increasing the price point of the water bottle. You can, therefore, take advantage of this and get yourself a high-performance water bottle. The 32-ounce capacity is large, making the bottle the perfect purchase for anyone who wants to stay hydrated the whole day. What’s more, this water bottle has a full-length fruit chamber, which enables it to hold several fruits to let you enjoy more intense flavored hydration. It is made of Eastman TRITAN, which is shatterproof and super durable. Plus it is 100-percent BPA-free to give you peace of mind knowing that zero chemicals will leach into your water and put your health in jeopardy. Whether you are going to work, gym or beach, this water bottle should be a frontier for you.

#5 Green Sequoia Cactaki Water Bottle with Time Marker

Green Sequoia Cactaki Water Bottle with Time MarkerIt is not every day you find an infuser water bottle with time marker. That’s why we are happy to include this water bottle in these reviews. The time marker helps you drink the correct amount of water your body needs on a daily basis. It literally reminds you when it’s time for the next sip. Besides, this water bottle is made of a BPA-free and Toxin-free material. To be precise, it is made of Tritan co-polyester plastic, which is not only durable but also clear of dangerous chemicals, weird odors, and plastic taste. Furthermore, the water bottle comes with a free infused water recipe e-Book that has up to 10 delicious and thirst-quenching recipes to let you enjoy the benefits of proper hydration. Because of its features and purpose, this infuser makes a wonderful gift for fitness lovers.


  • Fits perfectly in the cup holder
  • Easy to open and close
  • The manufacturer is the best
  • The time marker is a great addition
  • The flow is great for both small and big gulps


  • Does not seem to be dishwasher safe

#6 Brimma Large 32 Oz. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Brimma Large 32 Oz. Fruit Infuser Water BottleAs much as we all want to stay hydrated throughout the day, some of us simply do not enjoy drinking plain water. And that’s where the Brimma Large 32 OZ. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle comes into play. It is a top quality water bottle made of shatterproof Tritan plastic that enables it to hold up well to everyday use. It is so sturdy that accidental falls will not crack it. What’s more, the quality of this water bottle is further justified by a customer satisfaction guarantee that provides an easy path to get your money back should you be dissatisfied with the product. The convenient carry handle and the non-slip grips make this infuser water bottle incredibly easy to carry when you are on the go. Additionally, this water bottle is top rack dishwasher safe; thus, meaning cleaning it is a no-brainer.


  • Very well made for long-lasting performance
  • The price is great
  • Does not leak and will not slip out of your hand when you drink
  • Unbelievably easy to use
  • Makes a great gift
  • Customer service is great
  • Easy to take apart and clean

#7 LA Organics 24 oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

LA Organics 24 oz Fruit Infuser Water BottleYou can use this fruit infuser water bottle with vegetables, tea, and fruits. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee to prove to you that the manufacturer believes in its quality. Furthermore, this water bottle is 100-percent protected from leaks to give you peace of mind when you keep it in your bag. Its infusion pitcher is super large to hold as many fruits as possible. Additionally, the infuser water bottle is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Its 24-ounce capacity is not the largest, but it gets the job done. The infuser water bottle comes with a free infused recipe e-Book to let you make a delicious infusion. Plus it is made of a BPA-free material that is 100-percent free of chemicals. You will find it great for fitness, gym, and yoga.


  • Available in two colors to choose from
  • The price point is reasonable
  • Comes with a recipe e-Book
  • Customer service is excellent
  • The design looks cute


  • The tab that you grasp to pull out the infuser is hard to grasp

#8 Great Gear 25 Oz Infuser Water Bottle

Great Gear 25 Oz Infuser Water BottleThis infuser water bottle is safe and fun to use. This is because it has a sports spout and finger grips that prevent it from slipping from your hands while using it. Besides, the sports spout makes it great for outdoors, back to school, office, running, gym, and more. The infuser water bottle is made of Eastman Tritan TX2001, which is a clear co-polyester material that is BPA-free and FDA-approved. Another exciting feature of this infuser water bottle is that its lid will not let even a single drop of water out. The water bottle will meet your everyday hydration needs; thanks to its fairly large 25 Oz capacity. It comes with a dual strainer and sleeve that allow you to put fruit on the outside of the diffuser to enjoy fresher flavors.

#9 Fresh Fusions 32 oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Fresh Fusions 32 oz Fruit Infuser Water BottleThe Fresh Fusions 32-Ounce Fruit Infuser Water Bottle comes with a 25 Healthy Infused Fruit Recipe e-Book and a comfortable insulation sleeve. Well, this is an unbeatable set that you will not want to miss. As if that’s not enough, this fruit infuser water bottle boasts a 2018 upgraded design that further improves its performance. For instance, the new design features a full-length infuser chamber that fits perfectly inside the entire bottle to allow you to enjoy your infused water until the last sip. Moreover, this infuser water bottle will not leak, and that’s because it has a leak-proof lid. The included outer sleeve makes it one of the best water bottles for those who travel a lot. It offers improved grip as well as light insulation. The water bottle is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic that is both safe to use and incredibly durable.


  • Customer service is outstanding
  • The neoprene sleeve is a plus
  • The packaging is well done
  • Easy to clean and does not leak
  • Easier to store and keeps water at the perfect drinkable temperature


  • The quality of the lid could be better

#10 OMorc 32 OZ Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

OMorc 32 OZ Sport Fruit Infuser Water BottleAlthough the price point of this infuser water bottle is not on the higher side, it comes with a lot of accessories, including a cleaning brush and free recipes. The cleaning brush offers easy and complete cleaning and the free recipes offer more healthily combinations. In addition, this infuser water bottle boasts a large 32-ounce capacity, so it can provide you with infused water throughout the day. It also has a full-length infuser rod that makes infused water delicious up to the very last sip. The material used to make it is free of toxins for peace of mind. It is also impact-resistant and shatterproof. The water bottle is easy to hold, given that it comes equipped with dual anti-slip grips. Plus it is nicely sized to perfectly fit all normal cup holders.


  • Great for office and home
  • Offers a great way to drink more water every day
  • Easy to clean and holds a lot of water
  • Ideal for those who do not like to drink plain water
  • Fits in the cup holder


  • The plastic is thinner than expected, but this does not make it less sturdy.

#2 Conclusion

Infuser water bottles will really encourage you to drink a lot of water on a daily basis. Most of them have full-length infuser rods that make water tastier up to the last drop. A good number of them also boast large capacities to supply you with fresh, delicious water throughout the day. Pick one from the above reviews and see what you have been missing!


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