TOP 10 Best Hamster Cages to Buy in 2020


TOP 10 Best Hamster Cages to Buy in 2020 : Rodents make popular pets, but unless you want them residing beneath your furniture or in your kitchen shelves, they require a cage. In the same way a person’s home can be a tortuously boring structure or a rich, emotional sanctuary, a hamster cage, can be a stark, metal enclosure or a place of varied stimulation and sustenance. However, regardless which one you purchase, even the best hamster cages need cleaned and maintained. And cleaning a cage requires, above all, access. Considering the following five components of a hamster cage will ensure you and your pet are happy.

If you have been thinking which one is the Best Hamster Cages for Money then you are in the right place. Below, we are going to Share a Review of Hamster Cages to Buy in 2020, including their specifications and features. Each of the Best Hamster Cages have many good qualities depending on What You are looking for. If You are going to Buy Hamster Cages soon, then You must Read Ultimate Buying Guide for Hamster Cages.

#1 Things to Consider before Buying Best Hamster Cages in 2020

#1 Size

The size of your hamster cage determines how much movement your hamster receives. Without a doubt, your hamster cage should be large enough for three or four accessories and feeding components. Additionally, there should be room enough for sleeping and feeding. In terms of ratio, a standard cage can seem cramped once you get it filled, so try to achieve a ratio of 18 to 24 to 1 where the cage is 18 to 24 times the size of the hamster. This usually works out to a cage approximately 36 inches in length.

Without enough space or stimulation, a hamster can become neurotic, nervous, and stressed. For instance, think of poorly designed zoos with small enclosures. Then think of better zoos with expansive living and play areas where the animals seem happier. Getting a large cage is often not that much more expensive than a small cage, and it can provide lots more stimulation for your pet.

#2 Accessories

Various accessories include exercise, feeding, drinking, and playing. Consider how these accessories attach to the cage and if they can be connected securely. Other accessories, such as tunnels, are important because they provide variation in your hamster’s life.

Openings: hatches and litter slides

How the hatch opens and where it opens will make adding food and water easier. Additionally, a cage that has a sliding litter tray will make cleaning the cage much easier.

#3 Construction

The cage should be made of non-plated metal because your hamster will chew on just about anything. As such, it is important that it cannot chew through the cage. Additionally, it should not be consuming or ingesting plating that it chews off the metal.

Because you will need to lift the cage for cleaning, it should also not be terribly heavy. Finally, the door should open easily, and the soldering on the metal should not be brittle and easily broken.

#4 Care and cleaning

Since a hamster cage is lined with wood shavings and newspaper, it is very difficult for all the droppings to fall into a sliding litter cage. As such, you will need to clean the cage every few days. In order to do this effectively, it is often good to have a cage that connects to another, smaller play area. For instance, the hamster can run through a tunnel and stay in the staging cage while you clean the primary cage.

#5 Differences in cages

One of the primary differences between the best hamster cages and cages for larger animals is that the spacing in the wire grids will be much larger for such things as rabbits. Hamster cages must have smaller meshing, or your hamster might escape. Additionally, the size will impact how well accessories fit onto the cage.

#6 Other considerations

Although you might start out with one hamster, it is important to consider the addition of others. As such, you will want to consider if your current cage is already too small for any friends you might add later on.

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Other things to consider include ensuring the cage is made of non-toxic alloys. Finally, if you have to travel, you should consider whether the cage is easily moved from one location to another.

#2 Best Hamster Cages Reviews 2020

#1 Ferplast Hamster Cage

Ferplast Hamster Cage


One of the most expansive cages available, the Ferplast Hamster Cage is a dual-level cage, so your pet can go upstairs to eat and drink and downstairs to exercise, roam, and dig beneath the wood shavings.

It is important to note that the bottom of the cage is plastic. As such, none of the shavings will spill out onto a table or shelf where you keep the cage. Additionally, the exercise wheel is a plastic wheel lined with traction bumps. Since it is not made of metal, your hamster will not get its foot caught as it runs.

The upper wire cage snaps on and off of the lower plastic bowl. This design ensures stability when it is in use and easy cleaning when you need to remove the top.


The large exercise wheel extends to both levels, and the bottom of the cage can be lined with a thick padding of wood shavings. The result is a comfy, carpeted exercise room where your hamster can also burrow and hide without feeling cramped by all the furniture upstairs.

Since hamsters love to burrow, this cage provides over an inch of space beneath the exercise wheel that you can fill with shavings. Food accessories include a drinking dispenser and a food dish. Other accessories include a ramp, an exercise wheel, and a cabin that can serve as sleeping quarters.

Impressive design feature

The best thing about this cage is that it is modular and can connect to other hamster cages, tunnels, and compartments. As such, your cage can grow with your hamster. As it becomes accustomed to the initial cage, you can add on lots of different environments to help keep your hamster active and stimulated.


  • modular
  • easy to clean
  • lots of accessories


Your hamster might not use the sleeping quarters much since hamsters love to burrow and sleep in the shavings. That said, you could use the sleeping quarters as a snack center where you could hide such things as carrot slices. As such, your hamster would always be checking out the little hut to see what is inside.

#2 MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage

MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage


This high-visibility hamster cage by MidWest homes can be summarized in two words: levels galore. When opened, it provides two types of spaces. The lower quarters is comprised of the main cage. Here, your hamster can eat, drink, and burrow in the wood shavings. However, there is also a tunnel that ascends to the upstairs quarters.

For travel, the cage folds closed, providing you a compact compartment for carrying. The upper lid and bottom basin are made of durable plastic, and the cage, itself, is a metal grid.


Upstairs, the hamster can enjoy multiple levels, an exercise wheel, and a hideaway hut. Although the upstairs is narrow, the vertical design prevents the hamster from seeing everything above. As such, it creates the sense of different rooms, hallways, and spaces. In the same way people cordon off small living spaces with walls, this cage does a fantastic job of maximizing small spaces.

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Extras include the following accessories.

  • plastic tunnel
  • feeding tube
  • ramps and walkways
  • exercise wheel
  • hide-away hut


  • innovate, vertical design
  • highly visible
  • folding top


  • exercise wheel might be a little larger

#3 Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home


This hamster cage by Prevue Pet Products allows your pet to burrow in the bottom basin then climb up a ramp and eat at the top level, enjoying an expansive view. At over 39 inches long and 19 inches wide, it is large enough to accommodate all the accessories you can find. Finally, at over 17 inches high, it allows room to grow without having to buy additional cages.


For easy cleaning, the top cage unclasps from the bottom basin. Additionally, hatches open at the top and front, allowing easy access. The basin is extra deep, measuring a whopping 6.25 inches. This allows loads of wood shavings as well as tunnels for exploring.


  • large
  • extra-deep basin
  • sturdy build


#4 Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage


The Lixit Animal Care Metro Cage is a colorful metropolis in a box. For carrying, it offers you two handles, ensuring you do not tip your hamster left and right as you are transporting it. It consists of a metal grid atop a deep, blue-plastic, basin, perfect for thick layers of wood shavings. Finally, at 31.5 inches long and 20 inches wide, the space is large enough to accommodate future props. At 20 inches high, the cage will provide a lot of vertical climbing, providing your hamster with room to exercise.


This cage is all extras. For instance, there is a dual-level tube-tunnel, a climbing area, and two domed, food-hoarding areas. Beside one food dome, your hamster can enjoy a broad platform for eating and scavenging. From the other food dome, your hamster has the option of three different paths. This design provides stimulation and choice, helping to keep your hamster emotionally and mentally fit.

A vertical-drop tunnel descends from the middle layer into the bottom of the basin. There, your hamster can jump on the exercise wheel and stay fit.

The cage comes with a variety of props as well as a water feeder, which can be clipped near the walk ways for easy access.


  • lots of pathways and tunnels
  • deep basin
  • two handles for steady transportation


  • bright colors might not go with all home decor

#5 Kaytee CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat

Kaytee CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat


The CritterTrail by Kaytee consists of brightly colored, translucent, plastic props within a metal-and-plastic cage. The metal grid is high enough to provide lots of room for climbing, and the deep, translucent basin is deep enough for wood shavings.

To add food to the cage, you will enjoy easy access from the top door. For cleaning and adding more props, you can also lift off the plastic lid.


Extras include the following accessories that provide your hamster a lot of room for exploration and exercise.

  • three tunnels
  • two floor platforms
  • an exercise wheel
  • a water or food dish that you can place in the bottom of the basin

More important is the fact that the tubes can be joined in a variety of fashions, allowing you to customize the cage or rearrange the environment.


  • lots of winding pathways
  • brightly colored
  • easy visibility
  • modular tunnel system


  • The cage’s appearance is designed for children rather than adults.

#6 Hamster & Small Animal HomePico XL Translucent Teal – Hamster & Small Animal Home/Cage

Hamster & Small Animal HomePico XL Translucent Teal – Hamster & Small Animal Home/Cage


This hamster cage’s conservative design will fit just about any home’s decor. For instance, the tan basin, ramps, and bowls create a calming, almost woodsy home environment for your pet. Additionally, the naturalistic green platforms and lids help complete a naturalistic appearance–as if your hamster (almost) lives in the forest.

The cage is very expansive, extending upward to a height of 19 inches.

For easy cleaning and care, the cage unfastens from the bottom basin. Additionally, you have access via a roof flap and a sliding door.


An exercise wheel is located in the basin, allowing secluded exercise where your hamster will feel safe. A food dish, water dispenser, and cabin are also included.
Perhaps the best thing about this hamster cage is the vertical-living design. For instance, it offers six different levels of ascent or descent.

  • level 1: basement
  • level 2: lower deck with feeding area
  • level 3: upper deck
  • level 4: middle platform with ramp
  • level 5: hanging platform
  • level 6: upper cabin
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For any hamster, this is high-rise living of the very best sort.


  • multiple vertical layers
  • multiple access points


  • placing treats in various corners or in the basement might be difficult

#7 Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage

Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage


Of all the colorful cages, the Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage achieves a bright look without overwhelming you with mixing and matching primary colors. The bright orange, for instance, is carried throughout the design, creating a cheery, yet somehow sophisticated appearance.

You have easy access via the large side hatch, enabling you to clean or add treats without taking the cage apart. However, it unlatches, as necessary, for complete cleaning.

At a little over 16 inches in length and 10 inches in width, your hamster will have plenty of room to explore, eat, and sleep. Finally, the all-plastic cage provides lots of breathing space without allowing your pet to escape.


The extras include an exercise wheel, water dispenser, and feeding dish. Although a feeding dish comes with the kit, there is also a treat box. A small ramp provides your hamster easy access between the lower basin and the upper sitting deck.


One thing you must remember is that although this cage is smaller than others, it is modular, allowing you to connect tunnels or tubes to the circular portholes.


  • cheery and bright
  • modular
  • prominently displayed exercise wheel for watching your hamster play


#8 GalaPet Hamster and Guinea Pig Cage

GalaPet Hamster and Guinea Pig Cage


This cage by GalaPet will accommodate a hamster or guinea pig. The all-metal cage clasps to the bottom, plastic basin, and a variety of accessories can be clasped to the metal rails.


Extras go beyond the traditional exercise wheel. For instance, a climbing prop consists of spheres and planks. Because the prop will naturally wobble as the hamster climbs, it gives the impression of climbing a branch and offers much more realistic exercise and stimulation.

Similarly, a wood ladder requires your hamster make an effort to climb up the side of the cage, and a chain-suspended swing allows your hamster to sit and eat. Your hamster will find the water dispenser a welcome respite after all its activity, and the upper cabin provides another level of exploration.

Finally, the cage utilizes some horizontal extension boards. These boards will allow your hamster to leap from one to another. All things considered, this cage is as much an obstacle course as it is a cage.


  • all-wood props
  • innovative swinging prop and ladder
  • modular


  • Under the weight of the hamster, the swing might not actually swing. That said, it will provide some challenge climbing up to it.

#9 Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage

Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage


The hamster cage by Habitrail is a modular starter cage that allows you to connect a variety of pipes and tunnels to the cage’s sides. Once attached, the tunnels can lead back around to the opposite side of the cage, or you can attach them to additional cages.

The cage, itself, is made of a highly colorful plastic that allows easy viewing from any angle. Additionally, the deep basin can be used for larger treats, like thick carrots and apple chunks, and it can also easily accommodate a thick cushion of wood chips and shavings.


The exercise wheel will help keep your hamster fit and trim.

#10 Yaheetech 37’’/52” Metal Ferret Cage

Yaheetech 37’’/52” Metal Ferret Cage


This ferret cage doubles as a hamster cage, and it is one of the larger, more traditional, metal cages available. Standing at 36 inches high, your hamster will have lots of room to climb. Additionally, it offers two doors, allowing you easy access to the lower and upper areas. Finally, it sits atop sturdy casters, allowing you to roll it across your floor if you want to move it to another room.


Three levels are joined by metal-grid ramps, allowing your hamster to sit and eat and watch from on high. The bottom grid can be lined with paper and covered with wood shavings. Additionally, the cage features a sliding catch pan that will catch litter. All you have to do is pull it out and empty it. Finally, a water dispenser is also included.


  • large
  • metal construction
  • easily moved


#3 Conclusion

From the TOP 10 Best Hamster Cages to Buy in 2020 – TOP Picks You will find that there is a Best Hamster Cages available for every budget and with different Quality & Features. All you need to do is make a decision on which Hamster Cages is best for you are interested in engaging in.


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