TOP 10 Best 75 Gallon Reptile Tanks to Buy in 2020


75 Gallon Reptile Tanks is the place where the new-born animals keep for their growth. It is a small thing to save on your table like an aquarium. It is one of the ideal design for pet lovers where they can keep their reptiles at more exceptional comfort.

Maintaining a reptile tank is a common hobby of human beings which can be witnessed in many homes that we are visiting. Do you ever think to have a reptile tank like that in your home too? Then this article is undoubtedly for you only. Let initiate this article with the major factors to be considered before buying the best reptile tank for you.

Best 75 Gallon Reptile Tanks Reviews

#1 Things to Consider before Buying Best Reptile Tank

#1 Size and Shape of the Tank

Opting for a bigger size is a wise idea than choosing the smaller one. This gives a feel to the reptiles that they are swimming in sea. There are some common shapes available such as spherical bowl-shaped and rectangular tank shape If you are planning to get a one are two fishes to your home than you can go with a fish bowl if it was more than two than it is wise to choose a tank.

#2 Location for Your Reptile's Tank

When you decided to get a reptile tank, then you just found out an ideal place for it in the manner of not getting disturbed by external factors like sunlight, rain and other harmful sources.


Before buying a reptile tank it is necessary to consider the amount that you are going to spend. It wise to choose within our budget. Budget not only includes the money that we spending while buying the tank, it also includes cost occurs for the maintenance too that we are spending after purchase.

This article is written to guide you to select the most suitable reptile tank for your home as per your wish and also to meet your financial plans.

#2 Best 75 Gallon Reptile Tanks Reviews 2020

#1 SeaClear Acrylic 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

SeaClear Acrylic 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

As the name itself implies that this tank will give the experience to the fish as in the sea. This is one of the best reptile tank found all over the brands. This tank includes a fixture for electrical light and reflector. Acrylic Aquariums provide a clear view than glass and hold less weight.

It was designed to withstand the heavy impact and resist in providing options to cracking or chipping the glass made by the pets or children. The material of glass was designed to compatible with both salt and freshwater.

SeaClear Acrylic 75 Gallon Reptile tank is one of the best-decored fish tanks that will provide you with a glimpse feel when the reptiles are moving around the tank. The sand bed is made as to the base of the tank. This model gives you a greater comfort that fit in minimal space.

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#1 Pros & Cons

  • Convex shapes enhance the better view
  • The decorations are enough to give pleasant on view
  • This model holds a very light fixture, reflector and an aquarium
  • The cost of a fluorescent tube is comparatively high

This model is very convenient to clean and requires very less maintenance.

#2 Hagen Exo Terra Short All Glass 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

Hagen Exo Terra Short All Glass 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

This model was designed with a front opening door that made easy access to maintain and feed food. This model has more significant in Best Reptile Tank Reviews.

There is a special locking system provided to lock the side grippy. The top screen was designed in the manner of providing ventilation for air and allows UVB and infrared penetration and it is easily removable for cleaning or decorating.

There are 5 closable wire or tube inlets are available at the back of the screen to add the additional provisions like sensors, waterfall etc. The bottom of the plate was designed enough to produce the heat at the ground level. The front display glass plate was made stronger enough to withstand the pressure caused accidentally.

The background was picturized well with mountains, waterfalls and heatwave rocks makes the reptiles to have a pleasant feel.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Attractive
  • Spacious design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Excellent background score
  • Less grip to handle
  • Needs a large space to accommodate

This model is an optimum design for home in terms of design and size. Moreover, the prize is more affordable. Needs weekly maintenance only in cleaning. The design of the tank is highly desirable by the reptiles. High suitable for the domestic purpose.

#3 Carolina Custom Cages 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

Carolina Custom Cages 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

This model is one of the simple design with an elegant look. This model is well known for its portability. This is one of the best reptile tank found all over the brands It is available in 11 different models. This fish tank can be easily detachable and easy to portable. This model is also featured with key lock features to ensure the safety of the organisms living inside.

This model is available with two features, hinged and sliding door. The very high strong cardboard is used to have a box inside the box to get better protection from the abuse caused by UPS. The doors feature a sliding design in the top which is more convenient in feeding food. The double-layer system resists the outflow of water.

Drain outing the odour water can be done easily. There are various sizes of the tank in affordable prize. People can choose it according to their need and the allocation of space for this reptiles tank in their home.

It is advisable to go with 40-gallon reptile tank for the new-born one and can go with 75-gallon tank for the reptiles which are crossed more than 15 months of its life span.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sliding door for feeding
  • Highly Spacious

This model is to meet out the security features with its locking system. The sliding door is more comfortable to provide food. Ideal for domestic purpose in terms of size and price.

#4 Carolina Custom Cages 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

Carolina Custom Cages 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

This model is similar to the previous model that you have seen. This is one of the best and small reptile tank found all over the brands.

The only difference was the change in dimensions of the tank. The size of the model that we have seen before is about 48Lx18Dx18H and this one is about 48Lx24Dx24H.

It is a very compact design and can be consumed in 11 different unique models. The common accessories have desired benefits. Reptile tank stand is used to hold the tank rigidly.

Reptile Heating pad involved in this design to control the temperature of the tank.,
The strong material has involved in the design to make the box harder and stronger. The sliding feature of the door is easy to clean and replace the water.

There is a fluorescent bulb found in this tank, ensures the proper lighting inside the tank. The material od the tank is light in weight and can be portable easily. The Box in Box design helps provide better protection against the abusing of UPS.

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#1 Pros & Cons

  • Large in size
  • Easy to setup
  • Able to hold numerous fishes
  • Complicated door design
  • Handles are not provided with the doors

This model is ideal for reptile lovers to have different species in the same cage.

#5 REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Reptile Tank

REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Reptile Tank

REPTI ZOO is a reputed industry with hands-on experience in designing tanks for retails. The design of the brand will be always unique. This is one of the best reptile tank found all over the brands. This model has more significant in Best Reptile Tank 75w. The motive of

Repti zoo is to provide a comfortable living environment to the amphibian.The sliding door feature enables to feed the food easily and also designed in the manner to prevents the escapism of pets.

The tempered glass which is used to cover on the top ensures the safety and allows the vents to free airflow. The base of the tank was designed in the manner to withstand the high temperature of the heat and waterproof.

The holes are made with high precision to prevent the escapism of water. The natural scenario designed in the background gives out an enriched filed to view and also creates a natural environment for the reptiles to feel more attachment to the cage. It is available in various design at an affordable cost.

The bottom of the tank is designed with waterproof technology. This model can be constructed and deconstructed in less duration of time and can be portable wider.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Sliding doors
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof bottom
  • More spacious
  • Water may flow out easily

The background design of this model makes to stand out from the competition. The design is made enough to consume on first sight.

#6 Carolina Custom Cages 75 Gallon Reptile Tank Terrarium

Carolina Custom Cages 75 Gallon Reptile Tank Terrarium

As the name implies it is the Bio deep model designed in concern of Bioactive habitats and eco-friendlier. This is one of the best reptile tank found all over the brands. In Gallon reptile tank terrarium 75Gallon Aquarium and 125 Gallon Aquarium are the most significant one.

Gallon reptile tanks can be classified as follows:

75-gallon reptile tank – This gallon can be suitable to place in an area humans are where less populated

20-gallon reptile tank– This model is very tine and compact to place

50-gallon reptile tank – This model is more convinced and can be purchased at an affordable cost.

30-gallon reptile tank– This model is suitable to place in service industries like dentistry, hospitals, etc.

100-gallon reptile tank – Can be generally seen in parks and aquariums.

Among these models Carolina Custom Cages 75 Gallon Reptile Tank Terrarium found very easy to assemble and available in 18 different models. This model is available with a deep waterproof base.

This model also has extra comfort “Box-inside-a-box” designed to protect from UPS abuse. This model is a look-alike of a TV stand. It provides better visibility since it was covered with a glass frame. The material of the glass has extended durability of time. The base of the system is made to resist the water flow through it.

Doors are designed in the model to slide for its operation. The box is made of strong cardboard which is unbreakable easily. This model also featured with an option to lock with key to enhance its security more and can be easily portable.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Eco-friendly
  • High quality & Large in size
  • The hinged door is easy to operate and clean
  • Key lock security helps to prevent the escaping
  • Required a large space to fit

This model is eco-friendlier and easy to operate. The cost is less affordable, so people are seeking to consume this more like the best choice to them.

#7 REPTI ZOO 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

REPTI ZOO 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

This design features a high-quality tick and hard tempered glass to enrich the safety of this unit. This is one of the best reptile tank found all over the brands The screen top was designed to have sufficient provision for the vent. Through this vent, the UVB and infrared are penetrated.

The base was designed specially to resist the entry of water with a substrate heater. The front door is designed to slide easily to feed food easily through this and also prevents the escapism through the holes.

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There is a ventilating system on either adjacent sides and there is provision for wires and tubes with closable inlets. This mechanism is more user-friendly and the installation doesn't require more knowledge and also requires less time for installation.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean the glass
  • The mesh is easily removable to clean
  • Hole provision for electric cable is sufficient enough
  • No sliding doors
  • Smaller foot when compared to the previous design of the model

The more spacious design provides a way for the free movements of the pet but it occupies a large space in the home and makes an inconvenience to the humans in their operations.

#8 Exo Terra All Glass 75 Gallon Reptile Tank – 36 x 18 x 18 Inches

Exo Terra All Glass 75 Gallon Reptile Tank

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is one of the unique design for the reptile and amphibian. This is one of the best reptile tank found all over the brands. This model has more important in Best Reptile Tank Reviews. The front doors are provided enough to feed food and maintain easily.

There is a locking feature restricts the opening by the animals and prevents the escaping. There are five closable wire or tube inlets are found at the back of the screen to install the Heatwave rocks, waterfall, sensor, etc.

The bottom plate is raised to a certain height to fix the substrate heater to heat the extended ground surface, the extended ground surface is provided enough to hold the substrate heat. The front window is designed with a thicker layer to withstand rough handling.

The natural background found at the terrarium includes the design of waterfall, Heatwave rocks, water dishes etc., The bottom is designed with waterproof to restrict the flow of water and prevents the leakage. The glass panel found at the bottom is raised enough. The Exo Terra terrarium is comparatively deep with an extended ground surface.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Waterproof base
  • Unique ventilation system
  • The elevated bottom frame is included
  • Opening and closing of doors are made separately
  • The weight of the terrarium is high
  • The rest of the glass door is not thick

Highly suitable for the domestic purpose at an affordable price with a vast range of features with increased lifetime and quality.

#9 REPITERRA Premium Reptile Tank Terrarium

REPITERRA Premium Reptile Tank Terrarium

The unique and best design for all kind of reptiles tanks, this one from REPITERRA with the dimensions of 100*50*50 cm is well suitable even for phyton, king cobra, gerbils mouse and other pets. The cage is about 12mm thick which is free from formaldehyde and is extremely safe for the pets.

There are two ventilation grills on each side. The three sides are covered with wooden frames and the other side was designed with glass which is more transparent. Terrarium blends are highly suitable for living area and able to place many living organisms in one place.

The installation of this model is quite simple and no need for the specialised skill to install. The cage is packed in the manner of partially assembled with all mounting accessories. Some of the accessories are

Reptile Thermostat which is dedicated to the reptile tank and which is responsible for the degree of hotness or coldness, Reptile Heat Lamp which is provided to give an additional lighting to make the appearance colourful. This fish tank design is made enough to detach easily and can be taken away where ever we want.

#1 Pros & Cons

  • Tough glass
  • Highly secured to hold snakes
  • Small provision to inject the food
  • Provided with sufficient lighting and ventilation
  • Small space
  • Not suitable to hold all animals

This is the unique design made for the snake. This design is even suitable to have king cobra in it. Provides a spacious system and high security while injecting food. Highly recommended to snake lovers.


This article is made to guide the reptile lovers in selecting the best for their lovable reptiles. The article starts with the common points are to be considered before buying the reptile tank. Then the detailed analysis is made on the reptile tank and the best of them are chosen and discusses further.

Each reptile tank is discussed based on the unique factors of them and the pros and cons are deeply pointed out. Hope this article is more useful for you. Leave your valuable feedback after reading this article to enhance more in a better way.


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